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This female bartender clapped back so hard when a customer grabbed her body

From being harassed by catcallers to possibly having drinks tampered with, having an incident-free night out on the town is becoming increasingly difficult for women. Just ask Krystal Olsen ?€‘± the New York bartender was assaulted by a customer while simply trying to do her job. Krystal took to Twitter to share her awful experience, and based on her recount of the tale we?€?d say she handled the situation like a true badass.

The fearless female bartender clapped back hard, and we?€?re taking notes.

Olsen said ?€?This guy grabbed my ass, I dragged him out in a chokehold, he slammed me into a wall. And is crying like a bitch when he got arrested.?€? She also attached a sidewalk mugshot of the handsy customer as he cried ?€‘± which was reportedly taken and sent to her by the arresting officer (LOL).

Seriously, if the bartender thing doesn?€?t work out, Krystal may have a future in teaching self-defense classes!

The tweet quickly went viral, with many showering Krystal with support and applauding her quick thinking during such a terrible experience.

Krystal?€?s experience is making us feel so empowered. The sad reality is, women are constantly under the threat of sexual assault, but learning to defend ourselves is a valuable skill that may help to stop attackers in their tracks and leave them crying in handcuffs. And hopefully this provides some clarity for people who don?€?t understand the meaning of sexual assault.

We?€?re so happy Krystal is okay, we?€?re sending so much love (and applause!) her way.

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