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‘Period Brain’ Doesn’t Exist, Says New Study

Many people (mostly men) believe that a menstruating woman is incapable of making decisions and should therefore not be taken seriously.

But a small??new study has shown that to be faulty logic.

Researchers from Ruhr University Bochum and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki studied 88 menstruating women. They assessed each woman?€?s general competence ?€‘± including visuospatial working memory, attention, and cognitive bias ?€‘± against their hormone levels, at four different points during??two menstrual cycles.

The study found that fluctuating hormone levels had no link to cognitive function. (Photo: Plan International)

They found no correlation between women?€?s cognitive function and their hormone levels during menstruation.

There was a slight change in working memory in the first menstrual cycle. However, this didn?€?t occur in the second cycle, leading researches to believe that this was due to ?€?random variation.?€? They concluded, ?€?There is no consistent association between women?€?s hormone levels ?€‘± in particular estrogen and progesterone ?€‘± and attention, working memory, and cognitive bias.?€?

What that basically means is that there was no proof that menstruation??turns a woman??into an irrational person who can?€?t make sensible decisions.

Researchers say that women on their period should not be treated differently in the workplace. (Photo: Getty Images)

?€?I think this research shows very clearly that women function very well despite having hormonal changes,?€? lead author Brigitte Leeners noted. ?€?You cannot use hormonal changes as an excuse that there would be limitations in their performance.?€?

Take that, sexism.

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