Health Stay-at-Home Mom's Post About Summer With Kids Goes Viral
Stay-at-Home Mom’s Post About Summer With Kids Goes Viral

Sure, summer vacation is fun ?€‘± but let?€?s look at it from a stay-at-home parent?€?s point of view, shall we? Mom Karen Johnson provided some insight into what a typical summer afternoon is like for her and her three children, and it resonated with parents from all over the globe.

?€?So. How?€?s everyone?€?s summer going? Here?€?s an excerpt from mine so far, one that accurately depicts our day to day sh-t show,?€? wrote Karen Johnson on her Facebook page??21st Century SAHM. Johnson said she was making grilled cheese sandwiches for her kids ?€‘± two boys (ages 8??and 4) and one girl (age 6) ?€‘± when her sons asked if they could get the mail.

?€?OK, fine. I give them the mail key and out the door they go. How could??this go wrong? Such a simple task.?€?

A simple task, perhaps, but Johnson admits that her boys fight all day???€‘± pretty much every minute they?€?re awake. So as she prepared their grilled cheese sandwiches, her daughter came tearing into the kitchen, yelling,???€?They?€?re fighting at the mailbox! And then mail went flying everywhere all over the neighborhood!?€?

?€?So I abandon lunch and sprint outside. I see both boys scrambling around from yard to yard, trying to grab pieces of mail. We live in Kansas where it?€?s windy 364.5 days of the year, so that helps,?€? Johnson??continued.???€?My 4-year-old is now approaching the corner where our quiet cul-de-sac meets a very busy street, and I know him. He?€?ll think nothing of running directly into the street in order to capture that last piece of random junk mail that mommy will be tossing as soon as we get home.?€?

She chased after her son while simultaneously screaming his name and picking up mail that blew all over the neighbors?€? yards. Thankfully, she caught up with him and prevented him from darting into the busy intersection.

?€?But because he?€?s 4, and refuses to walk anywhere ever, and is on an anti-shoes campaign this summer, my son of course runs down the street barefoot and falls. He rips open his foot on a rock or the pavement or whatever is in the road because THIS IS WHY WE WEAR SHOES.?€?

At this point, Johnson is half-carrying, half dragging a??bloody-footed, crying 4-year-old and a sobbing 8-year-old who thinks he?€?s in trouble because of ?€?mail-mageddon.?€?

?€?Once the papers are tossed and the bloody foot is bandaged, we all smell the sulfur of burning grilled cheese and I remember what I was doing before this all happened,?€? she concluded. ?€?So I did what any good mother would do. I scraped off the burnt parts, threw them on plates, and said bon appetit, kids. And I poured this beer.?€?

?€?So tell me, how?€?s your summer going??€?


From the description of screaming children to the need to pour a cold glass of beer, Johnson?€?s post connected??with many readers.

As one shared, ?€?I am laughing because this sounds like my house EVERY day. My 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son fight ALL. DAY. LONG. I tell them they would fight over used toilet paper if one of them thought the other one wanted it.?€?

Noted another: ?€?This sounds like a day in my life too?€? minus the daughter. I am so glad I am not alone with two crazy boys who fight over everything and nothing! I am laughing but only because I can so relate!??#momsclub??#teammom?€?

?€?Thank God I am not the only one who goes through this mess,?€? yet one more added. ?€?I have three boys 7, 6, 5 who like to fight. The thing is, you never which two it?€?s going to be. Some days it?€?s the 7 and 6-year-old against the??5-year-old, or visa versa, or any other combination you can think of. There are days I think to myself, ?€?Where did I go wrong? I must be a horrible mom, they just will not chill.?€? It?€?s very reassuring to know I am not alone and my boys seem to be fairly normal.?€?

And, finally, this: ?€?I?€?d just like to say that I?€?m glad to find another dark beer mom. All due respect to the wine moms of course.?€?

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