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Why This Social Media Star Stopped Posting Bikini Pics

Social media star and certified personal trainer Sophie Gray keeps it real. So when the 22-year-old Edmonton, Canada, native stumbled across a reshared Instagramphoto of herself wearing a sports bra and showing off her toned abs with the caption, ?€?Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels,?€? she decided to speak up.

?€?Actually from experience and seeing as I?€?m the person in this photo, I know that pizza and cookies taste way better,?€? Gray wrote in the comments section of the now-deleted post shared by Instagram user @gramousfitness.

On Monday, Gray reposted the photo to her Facebook page (where she has more than??35,000 followers), captioning it, ?€?Just so we?€?re clear.?€? However, before sharing it, she used a digital tool to scribble out her abs. ?€?In this situation, showing my body wasn?€?t relevant ?€‘± people knew I was wearing a sports bra and that it was one of ?€?those?€? images ?€‘± and I felt it would distract from my message,?€? Gray tells Yahoo Beauty.

Her reshare acquired 1.2K likes and dozens of comments celebrating Gray for rejecting fitspo clich??s.

Gray, whose Instagram bio reads, ?€?I want you to accept the sh*t out of yourself?€? spent her teenage years struggling with disordered eating and anxiety, two issues that stemmed from a lack of self-acceptance. A passion for fitness and nutrition helped her heal, but as she began building her career as a nutritionist and fitness trainer, Gray filled her social media accounts with enviable bikini shots and scantily clad exercise videos.

?€?A year ago, I had a panic attack while on a plane and began questioning why I felt the need to post those types of photos,?€? says Gray. ?€?How could I preach self-acceptance and post these images? Why is my self-worth attached to a body type? I don?€?t even like working out! Once I realized those photos were a way to avoid who I really am, I made a vow to stop posting them.?€?

These days, Gray?€?s Instagram account is populated with makeup-free selfies (with commentary on her pimples), memes that read ?€?Daily reminder to stay hydrated and not give a f*** about what other people think,?€? and snapshots of her adorable cocker spaniel, King Rio.

Yahoo Beauty could not reach @GramousFitness for comment; however, according to Gray, tension flared when she reached out and asked the model to remove her photo. ?€?She basically told me that sharing my photo would help me get followers,?€? says Gray.

?€?I?€?m really into owning who I am,?€? says Gray. ?€?Yes, I have a thin, privileged body but it?€?s not about that anymore. Self-acceptance is everything.?€?

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