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What This Cuddly Cat Can Teach Us About Body Acceptance

A curvy model is using a cuddly cat to spread self-acceptance.

Khrystyana, a self-described ?€?body-positive model and poet?€? from San Francisco, regularly posts inspiring messages promoting health and self-acceptance on herInstagram account, which has 55,000 followers.

Echoing past sentiments such as ?€?Healthy is not the new skinny?€? and ?€?Have a strong day,?€? the size-10 model recently shared a nude shot of herself cuddling an orange-and-white cat named Mr. Cute and damning ?€?cruel beauty standards.?€?


?€?When we see rolls on cats or babies or adult humans, at what point does the thought of cute chub of a healthy adorableness turn into unattractive get-out-my-sight scarecrow??€? Khrystyana asked in the post. ?€?What turns on this mass mental obsessive looks focused disorder??€?

The model described how she meets many tweens attempting to lose weight and singling out their peers who don?€?t meet standards of ?€?mystical perfection.?€? She wrote, ?€?What happened to us? Whose fault is this? Last thing you want to see up close is a 12-year-old with a custom-made waist trainer.?€?

Khrystyana added, ?€?May your hearts be broken if you see, but I dare you to wake up and do everything you can to revise cruel beauty standards. Our lives are not meant to live in a self-hating rally, but the opposite. We are meant to be born so we can LIVE in THESE bodies, so we can LOVE ourselves and others. I used to passionately hate all of me for too too long as a kid and a teen and in adulthood. Don?€?t waste your time doing the same please.?€?

More than 4,000 people liked the post, and the model even dipped into the comments section to connect with her followers??about body image.

In April, Khrystyana also shared a photo reflecting the realities of too-tight shapewear that women routinely squeeze themselves into, writing in part, ?€?Do you really want to stop your blood circulation now?€??€?


And on July 18, she shared another candid photo and post about body acceptance. ?€?This is a lingerie Vamazing - Live amazing! pose commonly accepted among straight size models and not commonly accepted amongst the curve models,?€? she wrote. ?€??€?Make sure you suck that in,?€? especially when shooting lingerie I heard so so many times?€? Oh well, let?€?s revise the beauty standards ONE belly at a time.?€?

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