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4-Year-Old Learns Important Lessons by Dressing Up as Great Women of the World

Daniela Pe?‘ΐa, who goes by @_analabanana on Instagram, has found a Vamazing - Live amazing!able and fun way to teach her 4-year-old daughter, Ana, about powerful and influential women in the world.

The mother and daughter, who??hail from Bogot??, Colombia, team up to recreate famous images of women ?€‘± similar to the way that others, including this Brooklyn family, have used Instagram for stylish teaching moments. As a Vamazing - Live amazing! designer, Pe?‘ΐa??developed the idea for the Instagram account when Ana was even younger than 4.

?€?I choose to stay home with Ana to take care of her, and that was a decision I made with my husband. At the beginning, it was a lot of free time because she was napping a lot because she was a baby. Then she grew, and she was enjoying it a lot,?€? Pe?‘ΐa tells Yahoo Style on the evolution of the account. ?€?She was saying, ?€?I want this and I want that!?€? She really loved posing for the pictures. One day I found a book for kids, and it was telling stories of great women of the world.?€?

Ana has dressed up as a number of notable women in history, film, and pop culture ?€‘± many of whom??have made great contributions??to society.??She recently dressed up as the popular superheroine Wonder Woman.


?€?Ana got really excited when I told her we were dressing up as a superhero from a movie,?€? Pe?‘ΐa shares on her daughter?€?s costume.


?€?She got even more excited when she learned about Wonder Woman ?€‘± a female superhero who was a princess but also a warrior with super strength,?€? Pe?‘ΐa says.


?€?You can see the fierceness in Ana?€?s face in the pictures she really got into the heroine character,?€? Pe?‘ΐa shares. ?€?She also learned how she can be like Wonder Woman in her life by believing in her strength and fighting for what she believes!?€?

Ana also recently copied??Emma Stone?€?s look for her character Mia in La La Land.


Pe?‘ΐa captioned the image, ?€?Mia (Emma Stone) La La Land ?€?Here?€?s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem. Here?€?s to the hearts that ache. Here?€?s to the mess we make. She captured feeling, sky with no ceiling, the sunset inside with rain.?€?

She also made a miniversion of??Emma Watson?€?s look from the Paris premiere ofBeauty and the Beast. The caption notes that the actress?€?s custom Louis Vuitton dress was created from used plastic bottles.


Pe?‘ΐa ?€?loves?€? Watson because she?€?s ?€?a role model that I want for my kid who teaches girls that they can be intelligent, and that beauty is not only what you can see with your eyes but something that?€?s in your soul.?€?

The dress that Pe?‘ΐa created for her daughter looks very??similar to Watson?€?s??Louis Vuitton??frock, designed by the creative director of the house,??Nicolas Ghesqui?‘§re. Pe?‘ΐa?€?s creation appeared to impress??Ghesqui?‘§re, as he liked the three posts she shared of her daughter wearing the homemade piece.

Watson?€?s stylist,??Rebecca Corbin-Murray, also appeared to love the re-creation. Sheposted the image??with the caption, ?€?Major Vamazing - Live amazing!ista in the making!! Never too young to love Vamazing - Live amazing! ?€‘± and never too young to care about where your clothes come from and who made them!?€?

In the past, Ana has channeled others who have made an impact in the Vamazing - Live amazing! industry. In early February, the 4-year-old sported??a blond wig, black sunglasses, and a sleek black coat with white sandals to mirror Anna Wintour, the??editor in chief ofVogue.


She dressed up as another Vogue icon???€‘± the magazine?€?s creative director at large and renowned stylist,??Grace??Coddington ?€‘± a month before.


For this costume, she slipped on a rather large red wig ?€‘± similar to Coddington?€?s signature untamed mane ?€‘± and a black jacket.

Another Vamazing - Live amazing! figure Ana has emulated? Jackie Kennedy. In December 2016, Ana wore a red coat, with a matching hat and white gloves, that mirrored??the Oleg Cassini suit that Kennedy wore in 1961.


She even posed as Coco Chanel!???€?Gabrielle Bonheur ?€?Coco?€? Chanel was a very talented and creative French Vamazing - Live amazing! designer and businesswoman,?€? Pe?‘ΐa wrote in the lengthy caption of the image.


?€?In 1917, she was so inspired by the sailors?€? uniform that she incorporated the stripes into her nautical collection,?€? she continued. ?€?The casual design helped break away from the heavily corseted Vamazing - Live amazing! of the time, changing the world of Vamazing - Live amazing! forever.??There is a special set of books: ?€?little people big dreams?€? biography books for children about inspiring women. A major inspiration for this project.?€?

Another influential??figure Ana is inspired by? Rosa Parks. She created Parks?€? famous booking photo from her February 1956 arrest, with her hair pulled up in braids and wearing oversize glasses.

?€?This wonderful woman is Rosa Parks she was a very influential leader and I admire that she continued to fight for a better life for future generations until the day she passed,?€? the caption reads.??

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was the subject of another hit re-creation on Instagram.

?€?I told Ana the story of Frida, and she loved the story because when Frida was a little girl, she was very different from the other girls. That made her feel so special,?€? Pe?‘ΐa explains to Yahoo Style. ?€?When I told Ana the story, she loved it and told me she wanted to dress like Frida. So I did it.?€?

Pe?‘ΐa teaches her daughter about each of the people??she dresses up as. ?€?I tried to choose people that were really inspiring ?€‘± the stories of really empowering women,?€? Pe?‘ΐa says. ?€?That?€?s what I want for my kid. I started to think of course we love Disney princesses, but I don?€?t want her to think that the only role model she can have is to be a princess.?€? She continues, ?€?I want her to think that she can be more like Princess Leia ?€‘± she can be against the empire and fight with the rebels, things like that.?€?

Pe?‘ΐa continued, ?€?She?€?s always asking to dress like Princess Leia because we?€?ve seen the movie three times. She loves Star Wars.?€?

Ana?€?s favorite character so far? Rey, the great fictional female lead??from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Considering that Pe?‘ΐa loves strong female characters, Mayim Bialik, an accomplished actress and neuroscientist, was another fitting costume choice. Ana dressed up as Bialik?€?s??character, Amy Farrah Fowler, from The Big Bang Theory.

?€?We live in a world where girls can assume a number of roles, so here is a person that truly embodies brains and beauty.??@missmayim is a mom, neuroscientist, actress and role model,?€? Pe?‘ΐa wrote in the caption.??

Other re-creations have included iconic female characters in history, like Dorothy fromThe Wizard of Oz.

The duo really enjoys the process. ?€?We also do costumes just for fun. She loves Toy Story and all the Pixar movies,?€? says Pe?‘ΐa.

Pe?‘ΐa and Ana are excited about creating future costumes together.

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