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Stunning pregnant model poses in incredible body paint for photo shoot

Pregnancy photo shoots just got a major upgrade. A model who goes byMeccaThaModel on Instagram partnered with photographer Ricky Codio to shoot herself naked, pregnant, and covered in body paint, with a ponytail that goes down to her feet. You pretty much just have to see this gorgeousness for yourself.

The tribal-inspired look was shot at MQ Factory in Philadelphia. It?€?s being shared widely on Instagram, and??Mecca and Codio have racked up??hundreds of supportive comments. Fans wrote in to congratulate Mecca alongside her??friends, who can?€?t wait to welcome the baby. ?€?Aww congrats Mecc i guess this the proof i needed to see that ur no longer that 37th st baby that we all loved anymore?€?ur a mommy having a baby,?€? said Instagram user ziznpapi. Added a fan who goes by arewamzlovel: ?€?I love this?€?. This is truly the best maternity photo shoot I have the pleasure of seeing.?€?

Yahoo Beauty spoke with Codio to learn??the inspiration behind the photo shoot. ?€?I specialize in maternity photo shoots, and love integrating unique and creative looks, paints, and props into my work,?€? Codio tells??Yahoo Beauty. ?€?With this latest shoot, I wanted to play on the sacredness of pregnancy within the South Africa tribal culture. The white paint signifies hope, purity, and light ?€‘± things that many of us already associate with bringing a new baby into the world.?€?

Local Philadelphia artist Ivben Taqiy took three hours to bring the design to life, notes??Codio. Hair and makeup also took about three hours, and Codio says the team was all ?€?pretty thrilled with the outcome.?€?

Mecca may have drawn inspiration from the recent dueling body-paint photo shoots by Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian.??Earlier in 2017, Chyna posed in all-bronze makeup and white tribal paint. The look came suspiciously soon after Kardashian??posed in white striped body paint. ?€?I did a desert photo shoot just knowing I was trying to get pregnant soon and wanted to savor this moment! We went out to the desert and just had fun and shot this so fast,?€? explained Kardashian. Of course, the award for the most famous Kardashian pregnancy shoot goes out to Kourtney Kardashian, who posed for?? DuJour??in nothing but a feather chest piece.

These shoots may be glam, but the true baby body paint queen just might be??Mariah Carey. Who could forget the time she painted ?€?dem babies?€? on her belly when she was carrying her twins back in 2011? Pregnancy photo shoots may have gotten a big upgrade since then, but never forget the original: finger-painting all over your belly.

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