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Krysten Ritter May Knit Some Stuff for ?€?Jessica Jones?€? Season 2

And unlike her character, she loves a good stiletto.

As the tough-as-nails superhero Jessica Jones in Netflix?€?s Marvel universe, Krysten Ritter wears basically the same outfit in every scene. But while the actress and her character share a love of leather jackets, worn-in jeans, and moto boots, Ritter?€?s got a softer side ?€Ħħ a fact evident in both her passion for knitting (#krystenknitter) and herpreference for sparkle on the red carpet.

I caught up with Ritter at Saks Fifth Avenue?€?s 10022-SHOE salon in NYC ?€Ħħ where we kept getting distracted by stilettos ?€Ħħ to discuss her Jessica Jones uniform, her most recent Vamazing - Live amazing! splurge, and why you just might catch one of her knitwear creations on Netflix next year.

You?€?ve said before that Jessica Jones will never wear heels. But will you?

When I get dolled up, I?€?m rocking a heel for sure ?€Ħħ and I?€?m 5?€?10?€?! I don?€?t typically do a platform; I like a good, skinny stiletto that?€?s not too high. Because if I get too tall, I kind of get Tall Girl Syndrome and start to slouch. As weird as it sounds, I?€?m more of an introvert, so when I get too tall I feel like, ahhh, everyone?€?s looking at me!

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in season 1 of Jessica Jones.
Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in season 1 of Jessica Jones.

There are some next-level shoes here, though. Those Gucci loafers over there? Unreal. And I saw some hot pink Manolos with black trim over on the other side that were just insane.

Any shoe-shopping hacks you can share?

So I have a new trick as a grown woman ?€Ħħ this took a lot of time for me to figure out ?€Ħħ but when you buy heels, you have to size up. I wear a 9.5 or a 10, and I get it: It?€?s not fun when the shoes come out in your size and they look like boats. But your feet will thank you. And nobody knows [what size they are] ?€Ħħ and also, who cares?!

Hard agree, as a size 10.5. Okay, so what?€?s your absolute favorite pair currently in your closet?

I have some Prada boots that I bought myself as a present this past fall before going to work on The Defenders, which was going to lead right into Jessica Jones season 2; that?€?s one full year of production. And I don?€?t normally splurge like this, but I found these Prada boots that were just the epitome of Krysten as a teenager, wearing Hot Topic, except all grown-up and high Vamazing - Live amazing!. They?€?re like a combat boot meets a motorcycle boot, and they?€?ve got three buckles across them…

Prada Triple-Strap Grommet Leather Boots, $950

Kind of like Jessica Jones?€?s!

Yes, but more feminine. Because Jessica?€?s had hers for, like, 10 years, and these have a little bit more of a heel; they?€?re a little bit more Vamazing - Live amazing!. They look good with skinny jeans ?€Ħħ and of course, Jessica doesn?€?t wear skinny jeans. She sticks with her relaxed-fit pair, because she?€?s gotta kick ass! But they?€?re everything I ever dreamed of in a boot.

If you could trade closets with either Jessica or Chloe from Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, who would you choose?

Both of them have such fantastic, iconic looks, but they?€?re polar opposites. So what I?€?d do is take a little bit from each. Like, I?€?m a jeans and boots and leather jacket kind of girl, and I actually brought a lot of those ideas to the character and how I wanted her to look. But I?€?ve kind of ruined it for myself, because now if I?€?m walking down the street, people are like, ?€?Oh hey, it?€?s Jessica Jones!?€? [Laughs]

So I?€?d mix Chloe?€?s cool high-waisted skirts and off-the-shoulder stuff with [Jessica?€?s] cool boots and leather jackets. Because I?€?m somewhere between the two myself.

Krysten Ritter as party girl Chloe in season 2 of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.
Krysten Ritter as party girl Chloe in season 2 of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.

Wait, tell me more about your input on your Jessica Jones wardrobe!

When I?€?m getting into a new character, I start with her physicality and how she carries herself, how she holds her body. And I?€?ve got to put on the right shoes ?€Ħħ or boots! ?€Ħħ to make me feel like I?€?m not still Krysten. So I had a real image of how I wanted Jessica to look.

In the comic books, she wore this leather jacket that?€?s more like a trench, which to me looked a little period. So I was like, ?€?Let?€?s put her in this armor-like moto jacket, and beat it up and soften it to make it look like it actually lived on the floor.?€? I fought pretty hard for this look. I said, ?€?I promise, if we nail this look, it?€?ll be a Halloween costume.?€? And that?€?s exactly what happened!

You?€?re an avid knitter ?€Ħħ and conveniently, Jessica loves a good snood. Any chance we?€?ll see some of your work make its way into your show wardrobe?

I did knit this really great, cute little sweater that I?€?m hoping we can get on Rachael[Taylor, who plays Trish Walker on Jessica Jones]. She?€?s a dear friend, so I?€?m always knitting stuff and giving it to her. I made her a sweater, I made her a little T-shirt ?€Ħħ and it?€?d be awesome to get something on the show.

Practically speaking, I can?€?t really knit Jessica Jones?€?s snood, because I?€?d have to make seven of them! I have a stunt double, I have a No. 2 double, I have a photo double, we have a stand-in, there?€?s me, and then there?€?s a backup. And I don?€?t have that kind of time! But that?€?d definitely be #goals.

Season 1 of The Defenders is now streaming on Netflix ?€Ħħ as are seasons 1 and 2 ofDon’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, which you should also definitely watch.

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