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This coloring date is the most divisive on the internet

How you spend your nights says a lot about a couple, and one pair has completely divided Twitter thanks to photos of a young man and woman sharing a giant coloring book.

A Twitter user called @faithypooh posted images of a date??with a table-size coloring book. The two are seen??working together to color in an extra large panda bear. ?€?Y?€?all call this a date??€? she wrote. Clearly, Faith?€?s idea of a romantic evening doesn?€?t involve??Crayola magic markers.

The photos gained momentum on Twitter, with more than 29,000 retweets and over 1,000 comments weighing in on whether a back-to-school throwback date is a good time. Some thought it was the ?€?best date ever.?€? Others appreciated the logic of the plan ?€‘± it makes sense to choose a relaxing activity for what can sometimes be the anxiety-ridden experience of dating.

Twitter detectives also zoomed in to determine which member of the couple was more skilled at coloring inside the lines. ?€?All of the mistakes are on his side,?€? someone wrote.

Fans are also writing in to say they?€?ve grabbed their own coloring books and are ready to try this at home. For those of you looking for a colorful night in, the oversized books are reportedly available at Five Below.

There?€?s nothing like a project ?€‘± and a viral tweet ?€‘± to bring a couple together. We hope whoever and wherever they are, they?€?re still coloring.

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