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Internet responds to meme mocking small engagement ring: ‘Size doesn’t matter’

A woman who dissed the size of a diamond engagement ring??on social media has instead??inspired women to share their gratitude for their own so-called small rings.

On Aug. 18, Twitter user @Daymjina from Sydney, Australia, tweeted a photo of an engagement ring and wrote, ?€?Imagine finally being proposed to & this is the ring you?€?re given.?€?

Her comments evoked a passionate blowback from people bothered by the woman?€?s ?€?shallow?€? and ?€?unappreciative?€? comments, including men who insisted that ?€?size doesn?€?t matter.?€?

Then people started tweeting photos of their own modest rings in defense of love.

While several??people defended their small??rings on Twitter, many women don?€?t like their engagement rings: A??2013 survey conducted by David?€?s Bridal found that 36 percent of women wanted to upgrade theirs and 19 percent wanted a bigger one.

As for the ring in question, @Daymjina tells Yahoo Style that, although she?€?s in a relationship, she is not engaged. ?€?I saw [the ring] on Facebook and thought I?€?d tweet about it, knowing it would trigger people,?€? the 21-year-old makeup artist says, admitting that her Twitter account is meant to ?€?troll?€? others.

However, she stands by her controversial post. ?€?Look, if that?€?s all someone can genuinely afford, then it?€?s not right to reject it, because you love the person. But if he can afford better, then it?€?s not bad to expect more,?€? she says. ?€?It?€?s a declaration of their love and they?€?re supposed to get the best ring they can for the person they want to spend life with.?€?

She??also offered this advice for couples: ?€?You should be having these conversations with your partner anyway throughout the relationship.?€?

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