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Danica Patrick flaunts her athletic figure in a bikini

NASCAR star Danica Patrick lives at top speed, but this week, she?€?s taking a breather with a romantic vacation that?€?s giving everyone bikini goals.

As evidenced by her beachy Instagram page, the 35-year-old athlete is currently yachting with her boyfriend of five years, driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and a group of friends. Their location is unknown; however, according to USA Today, fellow driver Kyle Larson, who is on the trip, said recently that Tulum, Mexico, was in his future plans.

In a series of enviable snapshots, Patrick shows off her flat stomach onboard the boat, does yoga and handstands with a female friend, kisses her beau with cocktails in hand, and executes a group jump on a sandy beach against the backdrop of a sunset.

Patrick has been working hard on the final edits of her book Pretty Intense, about her 90-day nutrition and exercise program, to be published in December. And the formermodel is clearly a walking example of what?€?s possible ?€‘± a photo of her toned abs earned more than 27,000 Instagram likes.

Patrick?€?s social media game is clearly strong, and according to Stenhouse, so is her competitive spirit. ?€?She only posts the ones she beats me on,?€? he??said, according toUSA Today. ?€?She doesn?€?t post the ones when I beat her,?€? adding that Patrick is a good influence on him, especially when it comes to healthy eating, save for the occasional Krispy Kreme run.

Most impressive is Patrick?€?s motivation??to stay fit, even while on vacation. Her typical routine involves midday workouts such as interval running, burpees, jump squats, or lunges. She?€?s also serious about yoga, a practice she told Sports Illustrated is ?€?addicting.?€?

That includes handstands, which are her favorite pose. According to USA Today, she vows to pull off a special handstand if she ever wins the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, an event that runs from February to November. Her fantasy finish? ?€?I?€?m going to do a handstand on top of the car. Bam!?€?

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