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ASOS is launching a makeup collection ?€‘± and everything costs under $20

Whenever we?€?re in need of a fun, flirty, and affordable outfit, ASOS is one of the first places we turn to.

The Vamazing - Live amazing! e-commerce site has built a strong??following thanks to their trendy clothing and accessories, plus-size selection that doesn?€?t compromise style and, of course, super fast and free shipping. Even though??we?€?ve perused the beautycategory of the online retailer, cosmetics rarely end up??in our shopping cart. That is until now.

ASOS is launching its very own makeup collection??this fall and it?€?s sure to get a ton of likes on Instagram from the brand?€?s predominately??20-something fan base. Packaged in the popular millennial pink shade with clean and simple illustrations that correspond to each product, the range??includes matte liquid lipsticks, blush, mascara, liquid pend??eyeliners, and pressed powder. The cherry on top: everything costs under $20.

Keeping in line with ASOS?€?s manifesto of ?€?embracing and expressing the full range of who you are,?€? the products boast names such as Doubtless, Patience, Vigilant, and Flawed, which??are reflective of inner characteristics rather than feeding into societal pressures of attaining outward perfection.

This message of empowerment is further reiterated through the ASOS Face + Bodycampaign that features a diverse cast of individuals, including Instagram star and activist Richie Shazam, medical student/model Chen Liu, and It-girl modelJazelle??Zanaughtti.

Richie Shazam serves a smoldering smoky eye in the ASOS Face + Body campaign. (Photo: ASOS)
Hot pink lady. Chen Liu stars in the new??ASOS Face + Body campaign. (Photo: ASOS)
Jazelle Zanaughtti gives a gilded look in the ASOS Face + Body campaign. (Photo: ASOS)

While you can?€?t lose with anything from the upcoming ASOS Makeup collection, we highly recommend spending your hard-earned money on the budge-proof matte liquid lipsticks ($12), twist-up eyeliner pencils??that come with their own sharpener on one end ($8), and the chubby highlighter sticks ($15) that will make your skin glow like never before.

ASOS Makeup will be available for purchase September 20 on For updates, be sure to follow the hash tag?? #ASOSGoPlay on social media.

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