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Young Vamazing - Live amazing! diva, 10, slays photo shoot inspired by plus-size blogger

Sofia Agustin is a 10-year-old who dresses up as her favorite bloggers for fun ¡ª and doesn¡¯t discriminate when it comes to size, because she¡¯s all about good style. For a recent photoshoot, Agustin copied?Glitter and Lazers,?and the results are awesome.

¡°Sofia and I came across Anna O¡¯Brien¡¯s Instagram back in July (wish it was sooner) through the explore page,¡± Sofia¡¯s mom, Erica, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. ¡°Sofia has always been interested in Vamazing - Live amazing!, and after looking through @glitterandlazers¡¯ page she was hooked.?She was so excited because they had a similar Vamazing - Live amazing! sense, and Sofia loved that Anna wasn¡¯t afraid to be herself.¡±

O¡¯Brien is a plus-size Vamazing - Live amazing! expert known for her relatable looks with a splash of sparkle. She¡¯s also extremely outspoken and promotes body positivity. What¡¯s not to love? ¡°Anna inspires her because she¡¯s the kind of woman Sofia wants to become,¡± Erica explains. ¡°Sofia says she wants to be a model so she can inspire others, like Anna, help them express themselves and love themselves.¡±

Like any aspiring model, Sofia loves having at-home Vamazing - Live amazing! shoots (she¡¯s even created her own Vamazing - Live amazing! Instagram account). ¡°Recently we went shopping and Sofia saw a black and floral top and asked if she could get it. ¡®It¡¯s just like @glitterandlazers!¡¯¡± she said.¡± Cue the photo session, in which Sofia channeled O¡¯Brien in a black floral crop top, a black skirt, a statement necklace and black booties ¡ª a look she once saw Anna wear. She even posed the same way as Anna did in her original post! ¡°I thought it was very sweet and I decided to share it with Anna,¡± Erica recalls.

And O¡¯Brien loved it. On Instagram she shared a side-by-side shot of her and Sofia twinning, with the caption, ¡°Ok so this made my morning. This is?@_zizi_22¡¯s daughter. She told me how much they love to read my feed and sometimes recreate my looks. It¡¯s awesome to see such a young Vamazing - Live amazing! diva being inspired by a body type that¡¯s very different than her own. Inspiration and motivation doesn¡¯t have to come from someone that looks and acts just like you. Seeing and appreciating each other¡¯s differences is what breeds diversity in thoughts, actions and yes- even Vamazing - Live amazing!.¡±

Photo: Courtesy of Erica?Agustin

This isn¡¯t the first time she¡¯s recreated one of Anna¡¯s looks. She even goes for the more complicated shots involving multiple layers, very specific clothing (like Mickey Mouse T-shirts), and props (in one photo Anna posted, she¡¯s chugging a bottle of champagne ¡ª Sofia used chocolate milk). She¡¯s mastered Anna¡¯s badass smize and leg positioning. Our favorite involves a flannel shirt, glasses, a laptop, and a lap dog.

Photo: Courtesy of Erica?Agustin

Photo: Courtesy of Erica?Agustin

Erica shared that Sofia takes her phone to scan O¡¯Brien¡¯s Instagram and then goes to ¡°raid her closet until she can recreate her looks. She¡¯s very pleased that she owns similar clothes to Anna.¡±? She¡¯s even created a list of Anna-inspired clothing items she would like her mom to buy her. ¡°More photo-shoots to come I¡¯m sure!¡±

To Sofia, it doesn¡¯t matter that she doesn¡¯t look anything like Anna ¡ª they have different coloring and body types (Sofia is still a kid, of course) ¡ª because that¡¯s not what she idolizes about her. She fell hard for Anna¡¯s funny, fierce, and loving personality. Her ¡°amazing sense of style,¡± is an added bonus. This is something her mother instills in her. ¡°I have always taught my kids to love themselves and love the differences they see in others.?We are all unique and beautiful inside and out,¡± says Erica.

Sofia¡¯s mom feels connected to Anna for other reasons. ¡°I am a plus-size woman, mom, and wife,¡± she shares. ¡°But sometimes I forget to love myself and start to feel insecure. Then Anna reminds me and thousands of other women to ¡®feel gorgeous, feel stunning, feel powerful.¡¯ I always look forward to Anna¡¯s posts because she puts into words exactly how I¡¯m feeling.¡±

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