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Mom pits toddler against his model uncle in adorable Instagram account

One mother is asking ¡°Who wore it better?¡± in a hilarious Instagram project that compares her photogenic toddler with his model uncle.

Katina Behm, 34, is a speech and language pathologist in West Fargo, N.D., and a mother of three: 18-month-old fraternal twins Augie and Delphie and a 12-year-old stepson. One day in December, Behm was struggling to fasten the buttons of Augie¡¯s red-plaid shirt when she realized he looked a lot like his uncle Aristotle Polites in one of his professional modeling shots.

Amused, she snapped a photo of Augie, split-screened it with a photo of her 28-year-old brother and sent it to members of her family, who thought it was hilarious. Inspired, Behm rifled through her brother¡¯s Instagram account in search of photos she could have Augie replicate.

When she found a shot of Polites wearing a red Speedo and a pair of sneakers around his neck, she dressed Augie in a similar outfit and snapped away.

¡°Every Monday, I started posting a different image of Augie imitating Aris,¡± Behm tells Yahoo Lifestyle. ¡°My family kept asking for more photos so I started an Instagram account to stockpile them all.¡±

Behm¡¯s efforts are chronicled in a hilarious Instagram account called @babyandthebody with the hashtag #Whoworeitbetter. The project pits the toddler and his uncle in identical outfits and poses, from playing the guitar shirtless to pulling off handstands while wearing knee socks and playing basketball. ¡°We usually shoot in the nursery, and recently, Augie¡¯s started having more fun with it,¡± says Behm. ¡°When I prop him up against the wall, he smiles.¡±

While Augie relaxes post-shoot, his sister, Delphie, sits on mom¡¯s lap to help ¡°edit¡± photos. ¡°She¡¯s like my lighting assistant,¡± says Behm.

In most cases, Behm just recreates her brother¡¯s photos, but sometimes Polites gets into the act. ¡°One time, Katina sent me a photo of Augie with cake smeared over his mouth, so I did the same,¡± Polites tells Yahoo Lifestyle. However, he credits Augie for his talent. ¡°He¡¯s getting his poses down and learning the craft of modeling,¡± says Polites. ¡°Baby models make a lot.¡±

However, Behm says she has no plans to put her toddler to work. ¡°It¡¯s all in good fun and a way to rag on my little brother, whom I¡¯m very proud of.¡±

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