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Glossier’s First Fragrance Is Here

Update, 10/23/2017: It¡¯s here! Glossier¡¯s debut fragrance Glossier You is available for purchase starting today. Dubbed the ultimate personal fragrance, the product¡¯s name is meant to illustrate ¡°you¡± as the first ingredient in the scent.

The three base notes include ambrette for warmth, ambrox for a smoothness, and musk for a long-lasting addictive scent. The top notes that dominate the fragrance include iris root and pink pepper. The iris root adds a woodsy scent while the pink pepper adds a bit of spice.

The perfume is bottled in Glossier¡¯s signature pink and designed by in-house creator Laura Yeh. It¡¯s essentially made for your Instagram feed or any top shelfie.

Glossier You just launched today and the millennial masses seem to approve. Check out a few Twitter reactions below and cop the very first Glossier scent at the brand¡¯s website now.

Glossier You, $60,


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