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Model Hunter McGrady is a ‘little curvier these days’ ¡ª and she’s OK with it

Hunter McGrady says she¡¯s a little thicker these days and she DGAF.

The supermodel proved her point on Instagram Friday by striking a pose in front of the mirror with the caption, ¡°Little curvier these days, and that¡¯s OK!¡± McGrady¡¯s post with nearly 6,000 likes was pelted with affirmations, such as, ¡°It¡¯s sooo vital that women feel good in all their shapes! I know this feeling all too well. A little curvier but never happier¡± and ¡°You are so inspiring to girls like me who have had body issues for as long as they can remember. Thank you so much.¡±

McGrady, whose profile image is a slice of pizza onto which her face is superimposed, has been shooting photos for a Fredericks of Hollywood campaign. On Thursday, she shared a sexy selfie featuring her wearing a white bustier from the brand.

As the?curviest model ever featured in the pages of?Sports Illustrated, McGrady has made body-positivity her focus by declaring love for her stretch marks, sharing her past struggles with body acceptance, and earlier this year, launching the hashtag #AllWorthy to inspire women to love their bodies, at any size.

It¡¯s hard to believe that the?24-year-old¡¯s modeling career almost didn¡¯t happen. In April, during an interview with Mayim Bialik for The Big Bang Theory?star¡¯s website?Grok Nation, McGrady explained how she almost quit the industry at age 16 ¡ª as a size 2 ¡ª after a director was disappointed by her appearance saying, ¡°We didn¡¯t realize how big you were.¡±

¡°I was so angry, and I thought, This is not how I¡¯m going to live my life,’¡±?McGrady told Bialik. After briefly pausing her career ¡ª ¡°I¡¯m going to eat pasta if I frigging want it!¡± ¡ª she re-emerged with high-profile campaigns and as a household name.

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