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Jenna Dewan is getting shamed for posting underwear campaign pics after split from Channing Tatum

It¡¯s only been a couple of weeks since Channing Tatum and wife Jenna?announced their separation, but big changes are already underway ¡ª at least for her.

The recently separated couple, pictured in 2015, have a 4-year-old daughter. (Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

First up: name. The World of Dance host has dropped the Tatum and updated her Instagram bio to her birth name of Jenna Dewan.

More controversially (to some), she¡¯s posted a new photo that shows her happily lounging in bed in her underwear. Though it¡¯s not a personal shot but part of her campaign with Danskin Apparel, the image still has some fans riled up.

¡°Wow u quickly shed that last name,¡± read one comment. ¡°What a shame.¡±

¡°Remove Channing: check,¡± added a commenter. ¡°Remove Tatum from name: check. Remove clothes for IG pic: check.¡±

¡°I¡¯ll never understand why [you¡¯re] posting ONLY photos of [yourself] ¡ª half-naked,¡± someone wrote. ¡°Always admired you dance talent, but confused about your message.¡±

¡°I¡¯m sorry but you were married to the hottest person in America,¡± another noted. ¡°I don¡¯t think cups of coffee bring laughter [any] more.¡±

Supporters were quick to defend the photo ¡ª which was liked by Dewan¡¯s famous ex ¡ª and the actress and dancer¡¯s right to move on as she pleases. Many reiterated that it was a campaign ad and that Magic Mike star Tatum is himself known for posing in various states of undress.

¡°You. Inspire. Me. Thank you for bypassing the s*** and continuing to post,¡± a fan posted. ¡°Mom to mom, if you read this, we get one life, be happy my babe!¡±

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