Style Mila Kunis Debuts New Blunt Bangs at Billboard Music Awards
The Haircut Everyone Will Be Asking For This Summer

If you¡¯re heading into summer craving a change¨Cbut still want hair that looks effortlessly awesome (obvi), consider these tweaks from Dilek Onur-Taylor, The Salon by InStyle Creative Artistic Director.

Get Snippy

There¡¯s a reason the ubiquitous ¡°lob¡± cut (aka ¡°long bob¡±) is still so popular: ¡°A lot of people find it appealing [because] you can wear it wavy, dissolved, stick-straight or smooth; you can wear different textures with it; it¡¯s the versatility that everyone is into,¡± says Onur-Taylor. This summer, ¡°we¡¯ll still see the lob cut, but we¡¯ll see it go shorter, to chin-length, and we¡¯ll see some fringe with it.¡± Think of Mila Kunis¡¯s look at the Billboard Music Awards, Onur-Taylor says. ¡°It was a fresh, shorter version of the lob, with broken up fringe.¡±

If you have thicker hair, talk to your stylist about adding an undercut: ¡°Have you ever seen someone pick up their hair in the back and underneath they have an area [of] super-short hair? That¡¯s a quick cheat if you have thick hair and don¡¯t want to spend an hour blow-drying it,¡± Onur-Taylor says. ¡°An undercut [helps] the bob lay flush against [your head] and the angles be super dynamic.¡±

Bang Up Job

We all know how cute blunt bangs can look (especially when worn with a bold red lip, no?). But we also know how annoying that grow-out phase can be. Onur-Taylor labels ¡°curtain bangs¡± as the fringe to binge this summer. ¡°As they grow out, you flick them to the side a bit,¡± so they look a bit like open curtains, she says. This longer, more forgiving length allows you to swoop your bangs all together to the side as they grow, avoiding that awkward stage. ¡°There¡¯s so much versatility in this style.¡±

Update Your Ombre

Now let¡¯s talk color. Heading into the sunny season, ask your stylist about a technique and effect called foliage, a hybrid of ombre and balayage: ¡°It¡¯s placing foils higher up to create pops of color in that fringe area, or at the tips,¡± Onur-Taylor says. ¡°It¡¯s reviving ombre with the balayage technique to make it look more modern, and not so grown-out.¡±

Just remember, if you¡¯re planning on spending lots of time in the sun, consider coating your hair in leave-in conditioner then wrapping it up into a bun to minimize the potentially color-altering damage from the sun.

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