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Curve model Alessandra Garcia, actor Andy’s daughter, had the perfect response to being fat-shamed

The Vamazing - Live amazing! industry is finally (sort of) catching up with the fact that there¡¯s no one standard of beauty, and that¡¯s definitely a good thing. Models of various sizes are being embraced more than ever, and plus-size representation is making its way into the mainstream.

But for all of the progress the industry has made, there¡¯s been plenty of backlash against the body positive movement too. There are the concern trolls, who insist that their fat-shaming comments are because they¡¯re worried about people¡¯s health. And then there are the people who don¡¯t pretend they want what¡¯s best for anyone else ¡ª?they just want to be cruel.

Model Alessandra Garcia ¡ª who happens to be actor Andy Garcia¡¯s daughter ¡ª had the perfect response to an Instagram user who cruelly name-called her on the platform. In an Instagram story posted Friday, Garcia shared screenshots that showed the same user commenting multiple times on one of her posts. (Garcia¡¯s Instagram story has since expired, but Yahoo! Lifestyle captured screenshots.)

¡°Fat¡± is a complicated word, and there are many differing and valid responses about how it¡¯s used. Garcia¡¯s decision about responding to the word was spot-on, though ¡ª?she took the power away from the word ¡°fat,¡± invalidating the Instagram user¡¯s so-called insults.

Photo: Instagram

¡°Find you a man that loves you as much as this man loves to call me fat,¡± Garcia wrote in her Instagram story. In a followup screenshot, Garcia said the commenter ¡°has no power¡± over how she feels about her body. She also wrote that ¡°there is nothing wrong with being fat.¡±

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Garcia¡¯s post illustrates the problem with thinking that fat can¡¯t be beautiful too. Sayings like ¡°You¡¯re not fat, you¡¯re beautiful,¡± or ¡°You have such a pretty face¡± create a false distinction between being plus-size and being attractive. But as Garcia and so many others behind the body positive movement have shown, being fat and being beautiful aren¡¯t mutually exclusive.

Garcia¡¯s success in modeling might upset the Instagram user she posted about, but that doesn¡¯t validate his criticism. Her response to the situation shows that she¡¯s totally unbothered by the whole deal, and it might encourage her followers to love themselves how they are, too. So really, that¡¯s a winning situation for everyone.

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