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Vamazing - Live amazing! Sources: Jennifer Lawrence to Be on the Cover of Vogue?€?s September Issue

Vogue appears to be melding the worlds of Hollywood and art.

According to sources, the Cond?? Nast?€‘°owned glossy has paired actress Jennifer Lawrencewith artist John Currin for its September cover.

A spokeswoman for Vogue would not confirm or deny the news, offering instead:???€?We do not comment??on rumors of future editorial.?€?

The collaboration would come at a time when the Academy Award-winning actress is releasing a new slate of films in the fall, including ?€?Mother!,?€? which is directed by Darren Aronofsky. (Perhaps coincidentally or not, Lawrence is also dating the ?€?Black Swan?€? director).

But back to the collaboration. Like Currin?€?s art, which has a satirical, yet provocative bend, the similarly colorful movie poster for ?€?Mother!?€? depicts a campy, bucolic??portrait of??Lawrence??holding a heart. That poster could serve as inspiration for the partnership, insiders speculated, although those musings were not confirmed.

Despite there having been countless examples of big??designers working with well-known artists, magazines partnering with artists have normally been relegated to the smaller, more niche publications. For instance, Garage Magazine worked with Urs Fischer last year to create a cover featuring Beyonc??, and Vogue?€?s younger??sibling W Magazine??often works with artists to produce striking images ?€‘± and then there?€?s, Interview Magazine, which was founded by artist Andy Warhol.

Nonetheless, the tradition of artistic covers is also part of Vogue?€?s DNA. In the Forties Vogue tapped the likes of Salvadore Dal??, Man Ray and more for its covers.

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