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Model Decides to ‘Offend’ Fat Shamers With Stunning Bikini Pics

If you?€?re going to dare insult a curvy model for her body, be prepared for a backlash ?€Ħħ a beautiful one at that. When someone called model and Instagram star Diana Veras ?€?fat?€? on Twitter earlier this week, she didn?€?t just block the troll.

?€?And? The f*** lmaoooo,?€? she wrote. Then she posted bikini photos of herself with the caption, ?€?Here?€?s more of my lil chubby ass in a bathing suit since it offends men so much.?€?

That post has since been liked 75,000 times and retweeted 16,000 times. So, yeah, not many people really think the original insulter had much of a point.

Most of the comments looked something like this:

?€?I wish there were words to actually describe how beautiful I think you are,?€? from Hero.

?€?You are literal goals. Forever and ever,?€? wrote Natalia Leighton.

And there were a whole lot of, ?€?This suit is so cute!!!?€? (Some suggested ASOS, but we can?€?t find one in pink like Veras?€?s.)

She posted more photos on Instagram and thanked followers. ?€?U guys r so sweet n supportive nd I?€?m so thankful that y?€?all drag any trolls that try 2 make me feel bad ab myself, so thank u. Love u all thanks for the constant support,?€? she wrote.


Veras is an outspoken body positive advocate whose gorgeousness has already been celebrated on a Times Square billboard for Aerie twice, not to mention on the cover ofHarper?€?s Bazaar UK. Despite her fast rise, in an interview with W Magazine in January, she admitted to feeling a little worn out by everyone?€?s gaze.


?€?I wear a lot of baggy stuff,?€? Veras told the magazine. ?€?My career is so centered around my body, and everyone is always looking at my body. And it?€?s not that I?€?m ashamed of my body, but sometimes I like wearing baggy clothes so no one can comment on it. They?€?re normally like: Look at her boobs, look at her butt, look at her rolls. But no one can say anything about it when they can?€?t see it. It helps me go through the day. I?€?m tired. It gets exhausting when your career revolves around body positivity.?€?

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