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Ashley Tisdale Cut This One Thing Out of Her Diet to Get in Her Best Shape Yet

As Ashley Tisdale?€?s 9.4 million Instagram followers know, the High School Musical alum has been looking extra fit lately. So what?€?s the key to her success? According to the 31-year-old actress, it has to do with cutting one food group out of her diet completely.

?€?I recently found out what my food sensitivities are, so I had to cut dairy out and certain other foods that weren?€?t good for me,?€? she told People. ?€?Also, as much as I love carbs I cut them down a lot. I allow myself to have them once a week.

She?€?s not the first celeb to tout the benefits of a dairy-free diet. Tisdale?€?s next tip? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. ?€?Drinking plenty of water and sleep are my biggest beauty tips. Treat your body how you treat your skin and you will always feel good!?€? she said.


As for her exact diet, she told People that breakfast is often a protein shake, while lunch is a salad with chicken and veggies, and dinner is a protein like steak with veggies on the side. For snacks, she?€?ll dig in to a hard-boiled egg, slices of salami, or portioned fruit like kiwi or strawberries.

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