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Everyone?€?s Obsessed With This Prom King’s Incredible Look

Adrian Santiago of Cidra, Puerto Rico wanted a prom look like no other???€กฑ and from his glitzy photos he definitely achieved that goal.

For the big night, the 18-year-old, who was crowned prom king at the event, styled a shimmering pink floor-length blazer-style dress paired with glamorous makeup. He posed in the sparkling number alongside??his classmates, showing off different angles of his??outfit.

Santiago posted a number of photos online from his prom night. (Photo: Adrian Santiago)

His Instagram post featuring a number of snaps from the night blew up on the platform, garnering almost 700 likes and a number of comments praising the bold look.

Santiago worked with a Ciales-based designer, Melvin Negr??n, to help achieve his desired prom getup.

?€?I saw three different pictures on Pinterest, and I talked to my designer, Melvin, and we combined all three,?€? Santiago tells Yahoo Style on the inspiration for his prom look.

Santiago?€?s look was designed by Melvin Negr??n. (Photo: Adrian Santiago)

?€?Adrian spoke to me about what he was looking for so we gathered some information and got to work,?€? Negr??n shares.

?€?The tuxedo in sequins was inspired by Manny Mua. He has a pic on Instagram with a red sequin vest, and I thought that it was extra kinda like me,?€? Santiago jokes.

Santiago??says that??he discussed details of his dream look with Negr??n, and the designer had a number of suggestions regarding colors and detailing.

?€?He said he would like a men?€?s suit ?€กฑ but not a traditional one ?€กฑ some type of tail, bling to make him stand out from the rest,?€? Negr??n says on what Santiago was hoping for with his prom ensemble.

Santiago showed off his glamorous prom ensemble. (Photo: Adrian Santiago)

The student immediately fell in love with??Negr??n?€?s sketch of the pink prom outfit.

Santiago says his mindset for the perfect prom look was, ?€?I want it to go viral and show the world that people can be themselves.?€? Done and done.

Santiago loved his prom ensemble. (Photo: Adrian Santiago)

?€?Adrian came several times for fittings, until we had the perfect fit,?€? Negr??n shares. ?€?The final look was the most exciting one ?€กฑ for Adrian and for me.?€? The designer also praised the student?€?s confidence and attitude.

Santiago shares that the look truly felt like his own. ?€?I felt like I was myself in my prom dress. I was super confident with the dress, the makeup, the nails, everything,?€? he says.

Along with the shots of his ensemble, the student posted a closeup snap of his makeup and henna designs on his popular Instagram page.

It turns out Santiago?€?s classmates were just as obsessed with his outfit as he was. ?€?When I entered the prom, I saw a friend of mine, Aisha. She was in shock. I loved her facial expression,?€? he says. ?€?My classmates loved the outfit ?€กฑ even people that didn?€?t talk to me came to me and said they loved it. My P.E. teacher came up to me and said that he was a fan.?€?

The prom king had an amazing time at the prom, largely in part to his customized gown.???€?My experience was unforgettable,?€? he shares. ?€?I wish I could repeat that day.?€?

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