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Everything Rihanna Wears Looks Amazing: ‘This Dress Should Thank Rihanna’

Rihanna has many, many skills. One of her most under-sung skills however, is taking clothing items that??looks remarkably weird or boring or wrong??elsewhere and turning them into highly-coveted Vamazing - Live amazing! staples once they grace her body. Her fans have caught onto this??gift, and many of them lovingly refer to??it??as Vamazing - Live amazing! witchcraft.

The latest example of her sorcery is evident in the new music video for her song with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller, ?€?Wild Thoughts.?€? In the video, Rihanna wears a loss-fitting, chiffon, turquoise dress by Italian designer,??Alberta Ferretti. On the Ferreti website, the dress looks proper, almost matronly.

Alberta Ferretti
Model wearing the Alberta Ferretti Water Sky Dress available on (Photo: Alberta Ferretti)

On Rihanna, the dress looks decidedly different.

Rihanna instantly transforms the shapeless, ?€?gran?€? style dress, as remarked by one Twitter user, into something sexy, beautiful, and utterly covet-worthy.??The remarks on Twitter were pretty unanimous: How did Rihanna take this unflattering??dress and turn it into something we all desperately want?

This isn?€?t the first time Rihanna?€?s inherently stylish abilities were able to transform an otherwise ordinary garment, out-there designer look, shoe, or accessory into something absolutely flawless.

Take for example Rihanna?€?s recent Comme des Gar?‘μons look she wore to the Met Gala. Even though CDG was being honored with a special exhibition at the Met, most attendees ignored the unofficial rule to wear Rei Kawakubo?€?s designs.

Rihanna on the other hand, was one of few who showed up wearing the label. The look she chose was definitely not for the faint of heart ?€‘± an??artful, spherical shaped silhouette made of voluminous layers of ruffles hued with pink, blue, and a floral print. Naturally, she made it work.

There are so many other examples of this special power to point to: At Coachella, Rihanna wore a??head-to-toe, futuristic??sequined bodysuit straight off the Gucci??runway, and??last year she stepped out in a heart-shaped fur coat by Saint Laurent. These looks are not easy to pull off, but she does it.


Rihanna is clearly unafraid to take risks with her wardrobe. Sure a lot of the credit can go to her longtime stylist??Mel Ottenberg, but??working with someone who has a great eye is only half the battle. It takes someone with Rihanna?€?s daring??and innate style??to pull off those??most bold??of??looks. Perhaps we should all start calling this special ability the ?€?Rihanna Effect??€? And yes, she very well might be a Vamazing - Live amazing! witch.

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