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Prabal Gurung Was Once Asked Why He Designs ?€?for Fat People?€?

Prabal Gurung, an award-winning designer known for his bright colors and easy dresses, has been quietly carrying size 22 since he began his brand in 2009. But he told Vamazing - Live amazing!istathat his collection for Lane Bryant was met with ?€?a lot of snickering?€? from the Vamazing - Live amazing! industry.

He recounted an, um, uncomfortable time when an acquaintance asked him, ?€?Why are you designing for fat people??€?

?€?I said to her, words are very powerful, they impact and affect lives. The majority of American women haven?€?t had a voice, haven?€?t felt like they belong in our world, and I wanted to be sure that they do. It?€?s people like you who make statements like these ?€‘± there?€?s a reason I wanted to do this.?€?

The campaign fits many high-Vamazing - Live amazing! benchmarks ?€‘± an Inez & Vinoodh ad campaign, top model Ashley Graham as the face, and a debut in Vogue ?€‘± but Gurung still felt resistance to the more inclusive collection.

?€?Our industry is very, very slow at change, and fearful, we are operated by fear. There are a handful of people who operate with absolute courage and guts, but the majority of us, we don?€?t.?€?

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