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Woman in ?€?Immigrants Make America Great?€? T-Shirt Turns Heads While Shopping

So, ICYMI, President Donald Trump is still not so found of immigrants.

There are lots of people, however, who do not share his sentiment ?€กฑ and have been plenty vocal in speaking out against Trump?€?s ?€?America First?€???public policy strategy. (The phrase ?€?America First,?€? incidentally, has?? roots??tracing back to anti-Semitic and racist movements in the U.S. in the 1940s.)

One such??person ?€กฑ who is not taking the anti-immigration ?€?America First?€? policy sitting down ?€กฑ is a??Twitter user with??a T-shirt that says, ?€?Immigrants Make America Great,?€? a riff on Trump?€?s infamous ?€?Make American Great Again?€? slogan and type treatment. She then went shopping while wearing the T-shirt. After all, June is Immigrant Heritage Month.

Clearly,??her Vamazing - Live amazing! choice ?€กฑ worn while shopping at Old Navy ?€กฑ had??a huge impact.

Some on Twitter shared that they too were out rocking the ?€?Immigrants Make America Great?€? shirt.

And lots of people on Twitter have also been voicing their support for the Immigrants Make America Great message in all sorts of different ways:

For those looking to respond to anti-immigrant sentiment through what they wear, there are other like-minded T-shirts available online.

There?€?s a?? Robert Geller-designed shirt??that benefits the ACLU. Celebrity chef Jos?? Andr??s wore an?? ?€?I Am an Immigrant?€? shirt when he?? spoke out??against Trump?€?s immigration policy at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami in February. (Andr??s also?? backed out??of his deal to open a restaurant in Trump?€?s Washington, D.C., hotel in 2015 following Trump?€?s anti-immigration rhetoric on the campaign trail.)

Independent #resistance designer Eleven5 offers a?? T-shirt??that states, simply, ?€?Immigrant.?€? And Pinkshop offers an?? ?€?Aleppo?€? T-shirt,??sales of which??go to support Syrian refugees, another population of immigrants who??have been targeted by Trump through his?? refugee ban.

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