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Brace Yourself for Lady Gaga’s Coachella Beauty

When Lady Gaga takes the stage this Saturday at Coachella, be prepared for a monster of a spectacle. The singer always brings it. Yahoo Beauty talked to her longtime makeup artist,Sarah Tanno, about working with Gaga and keeping her looks forever fresh. ?€?With Gaga, we have the opportunity to really go for it with her. Her body looks amazing. She is so cool.??We don?€?t overthink anything,?€? says Tanno.

Yahoo Beauty: First of all, congrats on being named the global artistry ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty. I know you use the brand?€?s products on Gaga all the time.??

Sarah Tanno: I love their products and I love their brand. Marc really embodies pushing beauty boundaries, and that?€?s the reason I like this makeup and why I do it.

lady gaga super bowl
Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl. (Photo: Getty Images)

What?€?s your beauty aesthetic when working with her, especially for the Super Bowl performance???

Her and I have been doing quick-change makeup and crystal eyebrows for years. It?€?s never been on such a big platform that people have noticed. It?€?s a fun way to elevate beauty in an unconventional way. It?€?s just a way to push boundaries and have fun. I paired it with a feminine pink lipstick.

And the Grammys?

For the Grammys, again, we were coming down from the Super Bowl. It was such an incredible thing to be part of. I had to come up with something cool. Last year, I did the David Bowie look. I finally got the new Highliners??from Marc. No one makes a good red eyeliner. There?€?s no better time to do a cool rock ?€?n?€???roll Vamazing - Live amazing! face. Everybody does a winged eyeliner. I wanted to do a new shape of a wing liner. I brought it out past her eye and then I rounded out and brought it all the way across the lid. It was interesting and still looked pretty and sexy. Normally if I do a bold eye, I would pair it with a neutral lip. But we wanted the whole face to be super bright. We played around with a bunch of lipsticks. We loved this bright magenta called Boy Gorgeous. There?€?s something so wrong about pairing red and pink, but it?€?s so right.

lady gaga
Lady Gaga at Tommy Hilfiger?€?s Vamazing - Live amazing! show. (Photo: Getty Images)

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