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    Summer Shoe
    5 Summer Shoe Trends To Add To The Top Of Your Shopping List

    The polarizing discussion on flip-flops is one that may never die, especially when events like Old Navy’s infamous $1 flip-flop sale still wreak havoc on Twitter and expose an army of die-hard rubber-sandal devotees. We get it. They’re an easy summer go-to that requires little thought and assures all-day comfort. But if you’re ready to […]

  • Style
    High-heeled Crocs
    High-heeled Crocs are now a thing and Twitter has some *not* nice things to say about it

    Crocs and high-Vamazing - Live amazing!?(maybe) meet again?with their latest product. The controversial footwear brand recently?released their own version of high heels. The Cyprus Heel, which mixes the classic Crocs aesthetic with an open toe and chunky heel, sells for $80-$225 (gasp!) on Amazon in colors such as black, white and pink. We also found them in leopard?(for […]

  • Beauty
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Red Lipstick Is Sold Out At Sephora

    Update: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s signature red lipstick ¡ª Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Besos ¡ª is already sold out at Sephora, according to a representative for Stila who says her tweet led to a 20% increase in sales this week. And for the haters who like to believe that it’s just the Bronx the […]

  • Health
    What, exactly, are you supposed to do about sunscreen in your eye?

    It¡¯s pretty much a given that when you get sunscreen in your eye, it¡¯s going to hurt ¡­ a lot. Busy Philipps knows the feeling: She¡¯s on vacation and just posted about her own sunscreen-in-eye experience on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself squinting in pain. ¡°I¡¯ll never get used to the sweat/sunscreen in my […]

  • Beauty
    The Kardashians¡¯ Hairstylist Is Releasing $28 Dog Shampoo

    Have you ever looked at your dog and thought, ¡°their hair needs to be shinier¡±? If so, Ouai has the answer for you. The hair-care brand, launched by Kardashian hairstylist Jen Atkin, is releasing a $28 dog shampoo. Yes, $28. The shampoo, like all of Ouai¡¯s products, is super luxurious and promises to leave your […]

  • Beauty
    The Best Sunburn Remedies That Aren’t Advil & A Cold Compress

    Even if you don¡¯t love the sweltering heat, the summer season still has some pretty sweet perks. You get out of work relatively earlier than usual (“pending manager approval”), there’s suddenly the option to spend every free moment at the beach, and it’s just about time to use all that saved PTO time for a […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    Make a Dramatic Exit in This Miu Miu Dress

    Finer Things is a photo series taking a playful approach to the elusive, glamorous Vamazing - Live amazing! items we¡¯re fixated on right now. The back of this long, lean Miu Miu dress is a stunner: nearly bare except for two silk straps adorned with tiny black bows. But the front of the dress has nearly as much […]

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