• Beauty
    The Top Beauty Tips Every Mom Needs to Know

    Invest in a foundation or tinted moisturizer for both the winter and summer months. Your complexion changes between seasons so don’t be left with a shade that doesn’t properly complement your skin tone. The bristled brush beauty tool you never knew you needed! Using a dry brush against your skin helps to reduce the appearance […]

  • Beauty
    The 16 Worst Beauty Mistakes Everyone Made in the ’70s

    Looking like an extra in Mars Attacks! doesn’t seem like a great idea anymore, but Marisa Berenson and other actresses at the time helped popularize this heavily hair-sprayed style. Slathering on lots of oil to enhance your “glow” is now a thing of the past, but at one point, women flocked to the beach covered […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    Master The Maxi: 12 Stunning Ways To Style A Long Dress

    “Layering is my thing! This linen lilac sweater was the perfect way to make a formal dress feel casual.” “Prints instantly add personality. I know many women shy away from them, but I think they’re just as versatile as solids if you change up your accessories.” “This pattern embodies warm weather and vacation, and that’s […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    5 Things That Are Making You Look More Tired

    Jewelry = a Lumee but more portable. Shiny stuff dangling or hanging close to your face draws light to your features, so if you’re feeling a bit haggard, pop a Berocca and put on your biggest diamond earrings. (CZ will do just fine.) Unless you wear them every day, people *will* assume that you are […]

  • Style
    How to Look Awesome in Wide-Leg Pants | 8 tips for pulling off the look

    It may sound like a no brainer, but this Style 101 tip is the easiest way to enhance (or fake) an hourglass silhouette. Especially if your pants are black, the contrast of a lighter top will draw the eye to your narrowest part. OK, we¡¯re not suggesting going full-on bralette here, but we do love […]

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