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    Selena Gomez bikini
    Selena Gomez is back in a bikini after being body-shamed for swimsuit photos

    Who¡¯s got time to worry about your ex-boyfriend getting engaged when you¡¯ve got a new album in the pipeline, a fresh Coach collaboration, and a boatful of friends who want to soak up every last moment of summer? Selena Gomez treated fans to a summery photo shoot. (Photo: Selena Gomez via Instagram Stories) Not Selena […]

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    You Can Be Allergic To Gel Manicures ¡ª & You Might Not Even Know It

    Thanks to a rush of Instagram-worthy new trends (jelly nails, fruit nails, mismatched nails…), the demand for certain nail enhancements, including acrylics and gels, has shot up recently. But their rise in popularity is proving to be a cause for concern for dermatologists, who this week issued a warning that methacrylate chemicals, the key ingredients […]

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    Y’ALL! This Clarisonic Brush Is On Sale for Under $100

    From ELLE When it comes to cleansing brushes, there are a lot of imitators out there but nothing comes close to the original Clarisonic. First introduced in 2004 when sonic cleansing wasn’t A Thing just yet, the brush has since become the holy grail of beauty devices and expanded to include attachments for makeup, facial […]

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    Olive Garden Teased a Makeup Palette and Breadstick Fans Are Here for It

    This has been The Summer of Chain Restaurants Not Getting the Memo About April Fool’s Day Starting and Ending on April 1. In June, IHOP announced it was changing its name to IHOb, literally flipping the capital P into a lowercase B to turn the International House of Pancakes into the International House of Burgers; […]

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    6 Ways Working Out Affects Your Skin

    Recently, I started up a fitness kick. I¡¯ve challenged myself to get in the gym at least four times a week (a tough feat for someone who prefers Netflix bingeing over burpees). Over the last month, I¡¯ve seen my body change in many ways. My abs are starting to peek through, I have more energy, […]

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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Red Lipstick Is Sold Out At Sephora

    Update: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s signature red lipstick ¡ª Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Besos ¡ª is already sold out at Sephora, according to a representative for Stila who says her tweet led to a 20% increase in sales this week. And for the haters who like to believe that it’s just the Bronx the […]

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    The Kardashians¡¯ Hairstylist Is Releasing $28 Dog Shampoo

    Have you ever looked at your dog and thought, ¡°their hair needs to be shinier¡±? If so, Ouai has the answer for you. The hair-care brand, launched by Kardashian hairstylist Jen Atkin, is releasing a $28 dog shampoo. Yes, $28. The shampoo, like all of Ouai¡¯s products, is super luxurious and promises to leave your […]

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    The Best Sunburn Remedies That Aren’t Advil & A Cold Compress

    Even if you don¡¯t love the sweltering heat, the summer season still has some pretty sweet perks. You get out of work relatively earlier than usual (“pending manager approval”), there’s suddenly the option to spend every free moment at the beach, and it’s just about time to use all that saved PTO time for a […]

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    Why this woman had a post-breakup makeover ¡ª when she wasn’t even dating someone to begin with

    At this point, most people have heard of a post-breakup makeover ¡ª otherwise known as a ¡°breakover¡± ¡ª which consists of a person changing up their look after getting out of a serious relationship. Katy Perry, Jenna Dewan, and?Christina El Moussa?have all dramatically changed their hairstyles post-split. But now, YouTube personality Gabbie Hanna is taking […]

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