• Beauty
    The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Beauty Products

    Ugh, spring cleaning. That about sums up our sentiment toward a seasonally specific mandate to go through all the stuff that’s been collecting dust since the last time you swore you’d get rid of it (a.k.a. January 1). And when you’re a beauty editor, all that stuff quadruples: Night creams magically find a home in […]

  • Beauty
    11 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Legitimately Great

    It¡¯s difficult to find a celebrity these days who doesn¡¯t have a multihyphenate title: Actor/model/singer/dancer/[insert special skill here]. These days, it seems like the next step is adding ¡°beauty entrepreneur¡± to their ever-expanding r¨¦sum¨¦s and for the celebs ahead, it¡¯s way more than simply slapping their name on a product. The ones that are truly […]

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    Study Up: The Cool-Girl Hair Color Trends of Summer 2016

    A platinum dye job that skews *slightly* silver for a more rock ‘n’ roll vibe, it’s not easy to pull off and typically suits olive complexions best. We like how J-Law has warmed things up with hints of gold around the face. If you want to buck the norm completely, go for a matte, jet-black […]

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    The Top Beauty Tips Every Mom Needs to Know

    Invest in a foundation or tinted moisturizer for both the winter and summer months. Your complexion changes between seasons so don’t be left with a shade that doesn’t properly complement your skin tone. The bristled brush beauty tool you never knew you needed! Using a dry brush against your skin helps to reduce the appearance […]

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    The 16 Worst Beauty Mistakes Everyone Made in the ’70s

    Looking like an extra in Mars Attacks! doesn’t seem like a great idea anymore, but Marisa Berenson and other actresses at the time helped popularize this heavily hair-sprayed style. Slathering on lots of oil to enhance your “glow” is now a thing of the past, but at one point, women flocked to the beach covered […]

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    The Prettiest Nail Art to Pair With Your Closet Staples

    Jeans and a white t-shirt are the definition of casual cool¡ªpulled together but not trying too hard. ¡°Chill denim deserves a nail look as fun and laid back. A little glitter glams up your casual vibe and no one will ever guess how easy it was to just apply a sticker strip,¡± says Miss Pop. […]

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    24 Reality Stars With Their Very Own Beauty Lines

    Reality stars tend to get a bad rep. Detractors accuse them of being famous simply for being famous (or infamous). In many cases, that’s a legitimate complaint…but not always. Often, these actors personalities go on to do bigger and ¡ª depending on who you’re talking to ¡ª better things, like starting their own beauty companies. […]

  • Beauty
    Beauty Look We Love: Blond Hair, Dark Brows

    ven though she’s back to brunette now, Anne Hathaway proved that this combo looks killer ¡ª even with super-short hair. Amber paired her slightly darker brows with ombr¨¦, lightly tousled locks. She added a classic red lip to complete the look. Brigitte embodies the ’60s goddess-blonde-bombshell look here with her black cat-eye and thin, dark-blond […]

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