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    I Called My Mother Every Day for a Month¡ªand I¡¯m So Glad I Did

    For those of us lucky enough to have a mother we can talk to regularly, the question stands: How often should we call? I posed this query to a handful of my best friends¡ªall of whom are close to their mothers¡ªand each reply was different. Some talked to their mom once per week; others chatted […]

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    Why the first genital transplant is so important for war veterans

    For every visible scar that a U.S. war veteran carries, there are dozens of wounds you can¡¯t see. There are lost limbs concealed by prosthetics and psychiatric disorders discussed behind closed doors. But there¡¯s another ¡ª perhaps even lesser known ¡ª wound that rarely gets attention: loss of genitals. Due to the nature of improvised […]

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    ‘Throw out’ all romaine lettuce, CDC advises, as E. coli warning expands

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their warning about a multistate outbreak of E. coli. Formerly linked to just chopped romaine lettuce, the agency has expanded their recommendation to throw away all romaine lettuce ¡ª including whole heads of romaine and hearts of romaine, plus chopped romaine and salad mixes containing […]

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    Horrible Side Effects of Marijuana That People Never Talk About

    With the legalization of marijuana on the rise, it¡¯s important to note the drug¡¯s side effects. While weed can have significant?medicinal?and economic benefits, if nationwide legalization occurs, the public should be informed of any negative aspects. Read on to know more about the scary potential side effects. Addiction Many people praise marijuana for its non-addictive […]

  • Meet Maude, the Women-Run Sex Line Promising Good Vibes for All

    What’s the best way to start off the day? With the wellness movement in overdrive, the rituals for new-and-improved living are plenty: hot water with lemon as a digestive wake-up; whole-body dry brushing to boost microcirculation; meditation for a clear mind. But what about a morning romp? Maude¡ªa new collection of pared-down essentials, including condoms, […]

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    Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned From Staring at the Sun? Experts Weigh In

    Even if you’re slathering on your SPF, there might still be one area of your face you’re failing to protect: your eyes. Just ask actor Busy Philipps, who said she was recently diagnosed with photokeratitis (aka eye sunburn) due to exposure to bright light and the sun. “I spent last night at Cedars [Hospital] after […]

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    New Study Confirms the #1 Way to Stay Strong Over 40

    The most efficient way to maintain a fast metabolism and stay slim when you¡¯re over 40 is to build lean muscle mass. But your efforts can get stuck in a rut when you¡¯re not sure how to train or how much chicken breast you should dig into post-workout. To clear up some of the confusion, […]

  • Health
    The Perks Of Eating A Plant Based Diet Like Gisele B¨¹ndchen and Tom Brady

    The power couple of Vamazing - Live amazing! and football, supermodel Giesle B¨¹ndchen and Patriots superstar Tom Brady, maintain a health and fitness lifestyle with a much talked about diet regimen. Thanks to B¨¹ndchen and Brady’s former personal chef, Allen Campbell, changing our mindset behind the reason why we eat food is key and can make the transition […]

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