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    The Perks Of Eating A Plant Based Diet Like Gisele B¨¹ndchen and Tom Brady

    The power couple of Vamazing - Live amazing! and football, supermodel Giesle B¨¹ndchen and Patriots superstar Tom Brady, maintain a health and fitness lifestyle with a much talked about diet regimen. Thanks to B¨¹ndchen and Brady’s former personal chef, Allen Campbell, changing our mindset behind the reason why we eat food is key and can make the transition […]

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    People With Anxiety Are More Likely to be Bitten by Dogs

    Cuddling with your pet is usually a good way to unwind after a particularly challenging day. However, a new study indicates that you might want to think twice before getting too close to your dog when you¡¯re feeling anxious as it could make them more likely to bite. A new study indicates that anxious people […]

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    Is It Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot? Experts Weigh In

    The beginning of February is here and the end of flu season is inching closer. We’ve still got months to go, though: Flu season often lasts from October through as late as May, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and this is one is worse than usual. Part of the reason […]

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    How a little alcohol could help ‘clean’ the brain

    New US research suggests once again that a little alcohol may be good for health, finding for the first time that it could help with the brain’s cleaning process and potentially lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Led by Maiken Nedergaard at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), the new animal study looked at […]

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    To prevent the flu, should we all be wearing surgical masks?

    In Asia, wearing a mask is commonplace. Between protection from poor air quality and safeguarding against the spread of disease, it has become normal to spot many on the streets of Tokyo or Hong Kong wearing face masks. But are masks about to become a daily accessory in the U.S.? And are masks really even […]

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    This is what happens to your body when you eat a Tide Pod

    The internet loves a good quirky social media challenge ¡ª but the latest popular challenge is downright dangerous. The Tide Pod Challenge encourages teens to place a Tide Pod on their tongue and record their reactions as the laundry detergent dissolves. While you¡¯d like to believe no one would ever want to ingest laundry detergent, […]

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    Here¡¯s why the flu was so bad this year

    On Friday, the CDC announced a first in its 13 years of flu monitoring: As of Jan. 6, every part of the continental U.S. showed ¡°widespread¡± flu activity. ¡°This is the first year we had the entire continental U.S. be the same color on the graph, meaning there¡¯s widespread activity in all of the continental […]

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    Happily Married Men Reveal 21 Secrets For A Happy Marriage

    It’s hard to imagine that any one of us has never wondered how it’s possible to have a truly happy marriage. I know I’ve heard women talk about it constantly, but when I think about it, I’ve seldom heard men, let alone married men, discuss this particular dilemma of modern love. Sometimes I find myself […]

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