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    Halloween costumes you only need eyeliner to create

    Sometimes it feels like every year Halloween gets bigger, flashier, and more expensive. Sure you love dressing up (who doesn¡¯t?), but you don¡¯t want to blow your budget on a costume that will only be worn once. Luckily, there are Halloween costumes that only require eyeliner. Yes ¡ª we¡¯re serious! It¡¯s?an inexpensive, fun, and creative […]

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    Halloween, Centers For Disease Control, food allergies
    Your Kid With Egg Allergies Can Safely Eat These 20 Halloween Treats

    Halloween can be an exhilarating time for children to get dressed up and sugared out, but for those munchkins and their parents dealing with food allergies, it can also be a time of meticulous planning and fear of accidental exposure. The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) estimates that there has been an 18 percent increase […]

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    Women like men’s hands, and this viral Twitter thread is proof

    Women across the Twitterverse are drooling over a male body part that is not what you might expect. In a viral?Twitter thread called ¡°For females that like hands,¡± men are posting photos of their hands, giving women something ¡°safe for work¡± to admire and appreciate. For females that like hands. pic.twitter.com/SrMNzlSc08 ¡ª DEE (@Deecarr_) September […]

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    Sara Sampaio Says French Magazine Pressured Her to Pose Nude Against Her Will

    Portuguese model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio is ready to name names when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace. In an impassioned multi-photo Instagram post, Sampaio recounted a recent experience she had while working on an assignment for the French men’s magazine Lui. As the magazine’s autumn cover star, she says she […]

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    The 1 Frightening Sign Someone You Know Has a Drug Problem

    It¡¯s scary to think you may know someone who has a drug addiction ¡ª but it¡¯s not a far-fetched reality. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, synthetic opioid, heroin, and cocaine usage has sharply risen in the U.S. over the years. And over 64,000 people in the country died from a drug overdose […]

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    travel documents
    15 Carry-On Essentials You Need For Holiday Travel

    If you’re anything like us, packing is likely at the very end of the long checklist of things to get out of the way before heading on vacation. By the time we’ve sorted out our travel documents, wrapped up outstanding tasks at the office, and prepped our apartments, there’s hardly anytime left to properly organize […]

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    grapeseed oil
    Why I’ll never have to worry about body oil stains on my clothes again

    would like to introduce you to?The New-New, a column by Beauty Director?Dana Oliver?on the latest products, tools, and treatments on which?she¡¯d happily spend her hard-earned money. Like most of my friends who grew up in a black household, learning how to properly moisturize your body is a rite of passage. I wouldn¡¯t be caught with […]

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    Did this woman fake her own death for a free LuLaRoe dress?

    LuLaRoe has a devoted following, but one woman may have gone the extra mile to score a free dress from the direct sales company ¡ª by faking her own death. On Tuesday, a LuLaRoe seller shared the wild tale with a Facebook group for fellow consultants, the entire account of which was subsequently posted to […]

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    abortion, pregnancy
    Why the federal 20-week abortion ban is up for a vote ¡ª again

    On Tuesday, the House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 36, the Pain Capable Child Protection Act. If the bill ¡ª which was passed by the House in 2015 but then failed to pass in the Senate ¡ª were to become a law, abortion would be banned under federal law in the U.S. after 20 […]

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