• Beauty
    Actress Posts ‘Bikini Body’ Selfie to Feel a ‘Tad Less Queasy’

    ?€?Bikini body?€? and ?€?bikini season?€? are a couple of small phrases that seem to carry a lot of weight. Every year, articles dominate the media pipelines of either getting a bikini body or being happy with the one you?€?ve got. One woman, actress Hazel Hayes took to social media to help deal with some of […]

  • ‘Bra Bulge’ Removal Surgery Is Real and On the Rise

    Just when you think the??Body Positive??movement is finally having a, well, positive effect, something new and depressing comes along: ?€?Bra bulge?€? surgery. ?€?Bra bulge?€? surgery??is a new cosmetic procedure which promises to rid you of that little pouch of flesh that sits between your bra strap and your armpit.??According to one cosmetic doctor requests for […]

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