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    What, exactly, are you supposed to do about sunscreen in your eye?

    It¡¯s pretty much a given that when you get sunscreen in your eye, it¡¯s going to hurt ¡­ a lot. Busy Philipps knows the feeling: She¡¯s on vacation and just posted about her own sunscreen-in-eye experience on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself squinting in pain. ¡°I¡¯ll never get used to the sweat/sunscreen in my […]

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    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Garner’s Genius Workout Tip

    From Woman’s Day Based on the fact that Jennifer Garner has three (painfully cute) kids and a packed filming schedule – have you seen the bad ass trailer for Peppermint? – it’s not terribly surprising that her days start early (we’re talking 5:15 a.m. early!). Her morning routine isn’t for the faint of heart (or […]

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    Reddi-wip Just Launched Two Cream-Free Whipped Creams

    With tons of dairy-free ice creams permeating the freezer aisle, lactose-averse folks are finding it easier than ever to indulge their late-night sweet tooth. And now, arguably the most essential ice cream topping¡ªwhipped cream¡ªwill be available in two dairy-free versions at your local grocery store in the coming months. Reddi-wip just launched almond milk- and […]

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    I Called My Mother Every Day for a Month¡ªand I¡¯m So Glad I Did

    For those of us lucky enough to have a mother we can talk to regularly, the question stands: How often should we call? I posed this query to a handful of my best friends¡ªall of whom are close to their mothers¡ªand each reply was different. Some talked to their mom once per week; others chatted […]

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    Why the first genital transplant is so important for war veterans

    For every visible scar that a U.S. war veteran carries, there are dozens of wounds you can¡¯t see. There are lost limbs concealed by prosthetics and psychiatric disorders discussed behind closed doors. But there¡¯s another ¡ª perhaps even lesser known ¡ª wound that rarely gets attention: loss of genitals. Due to the nature of improvised […]

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    New Study Confirms the #1 Way to Stay Strong Over 40

    The most efficient way to maintain a fast metabolism and stay slim when you¡¯re over 40 is to build lean muscle mass. But your efforts can get stuck in a rut when you¡¯re not sure how to train or how much chicken breast you should dig into post-workout. To clear up some of the confusion, […]

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    This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

    It¡¯s that unfortunate thing that happens to many people with a healthy sex life. Whether it¡¯s by choice or by design, there will come a stretch of time when you just don¡¯t get it on. Now don¡¯t worry ¡ª you aren¡¯t some hideous creature if you aren¡¯t constantly going at it. But you should, however, […]

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