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    The 15 Best (and Worst) Starbucks Breakfast Foods You Can Order

    Starbucks is best known for their coffee, but their selection of bakery and breakfast options continues to grow. Their focus is still convenience, though. There are tons of options that?seem like they would make for a healthy meal, but aren¡¯t actually good for you at all. But that doesn¡¯t mean you can¡¯t order breakfast from […]

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    Study Claims Drinking 1 Less Soda a Week Is the Secret to Weight Loss

    We¡¯re drinking more pop than ever before. | Naikon/iStock/Getty Images Eating fewer calories ¡ª and less added sugar ¡ª is an almost guaranteed weight loss strategy. You already know that doughnuts, chocolate cake, and cinnamon rolls overload your body with sugar and calories. What you might not realize is that cutting back on the amount […]

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    7 Grocery Shopping Tricks That Will Help You Eat Better

    If you¡¯re prone to the habit heading to the grocery store before you hit home, it can be hard to?remember exactly what¡¯s missing from your?fridge and pantry. Add to that all the?delicious baked items, homemade breads, and premade entr¨¦es, and?it can be extra tough to remind yourself to pick healthy, fresh foods over the processed […]

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    The Only Real Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

    Getting rid of stretch marks may seem like a daunting, never-ending story. In some ways, it can be. As much as we hate to be the ones to break it to you,?there¡¯s no surefire way to erase them.?But there¡¯s no?need to lose hope. The good news is there are a number of real ways that […]

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    Experts Say These Are the Healthiest Foods From Every Food Group

    Eating healthy doesn¡¯t have to be overwhelming. Some of the healthiest foods you can eat are already familiar ¡ª you¡¯re just not eating enough of them. Whether you want to lose weight, decrease your disease risk, or you¡¯re just determined to start eating healthier, add these foods to your fridge and pantry ASAP. The healthiest […]

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    Most People Don¡¯t Know the Healthiest Ways to Cook These Foods

    Do you know the healthiest ways to cook the foods in your pantry and fridge? Most people don¡¯t. Typically, the quickest, easiest, and tastiest way to enjoy food is to fry it. Even though you already know fried food isn¡¯t good for you, there¡¯s an easy way to cut back: Learn which foods are best […]

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    These Bad Habits Are Making Your Anxiety Even Worse

    You can worsen your anxiety symptoms unknowingly just by going about your day as normal. Simple things likedrinking too much coffee, stress-eating, and even procrastinating can intensify your temptation to crawl under your desk and curl up into a ball. Since no one should go through life with that much anxiety, it¡¯s time to learn […]

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    Eating These High-Fiber Foods Will Help You Lose Weight

    Oh, fiber. One substance that is good for staying, er, regular. Most Americans don¡¯t get enough recommended fiber, which is proven to lower weight, lower your risk of heart disease, and help gut problems. Fiber doesn¡¯t just come from whole grains but is also found in legumes, fruits, and vegetables. With the recent influx of […]

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    You can improve your health in 2 weeks by cutting back on sugar

    You know sugar isn?€?t good for you, but it can be hard to break the habit. If you?€?re having trouble cutting back on the sweet stuff, this might provide a little extra motivation: New research found that people who reduced their sugar intake had better markers of health in just two weeks. For the scientific […]

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