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    H&M debuts ‘the perfect wardrobe’ in new fall collection

    Designers are??showing their new spring collections during??Vamazing - Live amazing! Week, but the IRL??fall season is still ahead of us. As??you begin to shop for your autumn wardrobe, consider opting for H&M?€?s new fall Studio collection, which officially launches Sept. 14. The Studio collection??differs fromH&M?€?s often buzzy designer collaborations as it is a tightly curated??collection conceptualized by the […]

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    H&M Is Changing the Sustainability Culture, 1 T-Shirt at a Time

    ?€?Fast Vamazing - Live amazing! can be both ethical and sustainable.?€? Can any Vamazing - Live amazing! brand??make such a statement, or is it just a big old oxymoron? And can you have??both sustainability and style? Aside from Stella McCartney, of course. But how many of us can afford a wool jacket for $1,145? The closest affordable brand that meets those […]

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