• Health
    WATCH: Lip Fillers Can Lead To Cysts, And Those Cysts Have To Be Popped

    Caution:??Lip fillers can leave cysts when they are poorly injected, and those cysts have to be popped. Dermatologists have become known for posting stomach-churning videos of procedures they perform in-office. And as a result, watching gigantic pimples being popped??or viewing??blackhead removal in close-up slow motion has become a guilty pleasure??unlike any other for some people. […]

  • Beauty
    Athleta Vows ‘Meaningful’ Change After Being Called Out For Showing Plus Clothes On Straight-Size Models

    ??A sampling of Athleta’s plus-size section.?? (Athleta) Slowly but surely, brands, magazines and models are working to squash the misconception that fitness stops above a certain size. Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence starred on Self magazine?€?s last ever print cover. Women?€?s Running has??made a habit of including women of all shapes and sizes on its covers […]

  • What's Hot
    This Dog Had A Dreamier Maternity Shoot Than Most Humans

    Doggone it, this is cute. Elsa Veria-Means just posted the most adorable maternity shoot to her Twitter account, but she?€?s not pregnant. The shoot was for her pup, Fusee, who at 8 weeks pregnant got her very own maternity shoot, complete with a flower crown that puts even the most festive music festival-goers to shame. […]

  • Health
    Prince Harry Perfectly Explains What Panic Attacks Feel Like

    Does this sound familiar? In a recent interview with Forces TV, a U.K. Army channel, Prince Harry opened up about his experience with panic attacks, giving an honest description of what it?€?s like to deal with this??mental health issue. ?€?In my case, every single time I was in any room with loads of people, which […]

  • Style
    Sweet Husband Got His Wife’s Fingerprint Etched Onto His Wedding Band

    Men often get the short end of the stick as far as wedding rings go. So when someone thinks outside the box, we can?€?t help but hand??it to them. Reddit user??Im_High_Tech??did just that by having his wife?€?s actual fingerprint etched onto his wedding band. In an accompanying thread, he revealed that he was inspired a […]

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