• Health
    Drinking Gin Could Curb Allergy Symptoms

    As if we needed another reason to crack open the gin this summer, allergy experts reckon??it could be the best alcohol for hay fever??sufferers to drink. Drinking alcohol is actually proven to worsen symptoms of hay fever and asthma, like sneezing, due to its histamine content ?€¡± produced during the fermentation process and responsible for […]

  • ‘Bra Bulge’ Removal Surgery Is Real and On the Rise

    Just when you think the??Body Positive??movement is finally having a, well, positive effect, something new and depressing comes along: ?€?Bra bulge?€? surgery. ?€?Bra bulge?€? surgery??is a new cosmetic procedure which promises to rid you of that little pouch of flesh that sits between your bra strap and your armpit.??According to one cosmetic doctor requests for […]

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