• Style
    Would you wear Nike’s new fanny pack sandals?

    A Nike spokesperson confirmed for Yahoo Lifestyle that the slides are indeed launching but could not yet share additional details. And while you might think we¡¯d be used to weird hybrid items by now ¡ª like the?Helmut Lang?leather bra bag, the?Vetements?¡°Lighter Heels,¡± or the?Maison Margiela?Glam Slam bag that resembles a quilt pillow ¡ª there¡¯s still […]

  • Beauty
    This red lipstick line was made especially for dark-skinned women

    Red lips are one of those beauty trends that will never fade. But finding the perfect shade of red lipstick for your skin tone isn¡¯t always as simple as walking into your local drugstore and purchasing the first tube of rouge that catches your eye. For many black women, the experience of shopping for red […]

  • Style
    Buying Free Time (Not Material Objects) Is the Key to Happiness

    Ah, that elusive happiness thing everyone?€?s always talking about. People say that money can?€?t buy it ?€¡± assuming that means spending money??on clothes and trendy furniture ?€¡± and they?€?re probably right. But if you use money to buy time? That?€?s another thing altogether. According to new research, it?€?s not acquiring material goods that make us […]

  • Celeb Style
    Miranda Kerr reveals she has ?€?leech therapy?€? and even keeps them as pets

    Queen of bizarre beauty trends Gwyneth Paltrow proved that even she has her limits after friend and former Victoria?€?s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, revealed that she loves leech facials. During GOOP?€?s first-ever wellness summit in Culver City, California, actress Paltrow said that her and Kerr frequently swap numbers on healers and doctors. But, when the […]

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