• Beauty
    A MAC Lipstick Helped Me With My Gender Transition

    I used to push my shopping cart down the makeup aisle, watching the pinks and plums and reds flash by, wishing I could stop and drink them in but terrified to be seen doing it. I¡¯d never bought lipstick before. I¡¯d never bought any makeup before. To me, they¡¯d always been forbidden, something I could […]

  • Beauty
    How to Find Dupes for Your Beloved Discontinued Lipsticks

    Finding a lipstick that you absolutely love is hard. Parting with??a lipstick that you?€?ve fallen in love with is??devastating. Through the limited-edition collections of so many cosmetic brands, where products are brought into your life only to be taken out, heartbreak is a reoccurring theme. Luckily, there?€?s a way to ensure that you don?€?t have […]

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