• Health
    What Is The Best Age To Start Using Retinol?

    Q?€‘±CHARLOTTE?€?S BOOK READER Sometimes I read that I am too young to start using retinol??and other times I read that retinol??is the end-all, be-all antiaging product and you can?€?t start too young. What?€?s the right answer? I am age 28. A?€‘±DR. JOSHUA ZEICHNER, DERMATOLOGIST Your mid 20s is certainly a reasonable time to start using […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    Popular plus-size mall brand Torrid showed at Vamazing - Live amazing! Week with all-curvy models

    The Torrid Vamazing - Live amazing! show, which took place on Tuesday at New York Vamazing - Live amazing! Week, was a breath of fresh air. There were no Insta ?€?it?€? girls in sight, and quite frankly everyone was happy about it.??Torrid sent 40 beautiful, curvy??models down the catwalk for its dark and edgy, yet feminine and bohemian, collection. It was […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    Vamazing - Live amazing!,style,h&m,h&m-studio,fall-winter-2017,aw17,news
    H&M debuts ‘the perfect wardrobe’ in new fall collection

    Designers are??showing their new spring collections during??Vamazing - Live amazing! Week, but the IRL??fall season is still ahead of us. As??you begin to shop for your autumn wardrobe, consider opting for H&M?€?s new fall Studio collection, which officially launches Sept. 14. The Studio collection??differs fromH&M?€?s often buzzy designer collaborations as it is a tightly curated??collection conceptualized by the […]

  • Beauty
    People have mixed feelings about Rihanna’s new line of 40 foundation shades

    Getting foundation??shades to match every skin tone is an ongoing struggle that many brands face. While some companies have made strides by extending their existing lines, there are newer brands coming out with a wide range of shades. Take Rihanna?€?s??newly launched Fenty Beauty, for example: The line includes a whopping 40 shades. Thursday evening, Rihanna […]

  • Beauty
    What This Week’s Horoscope Means for You

    This week?€?s energies support holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit. If your modus operandi already includes a badass exercise, diet, and meditation routine, get ready to make massive breakthroughs in your practices. And if you could benefit from a little push in the right direction, the planetary activity this week will provide some […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    ASOS is launching a makeup collection ?€‘± and everything costs under $20

    Whenever we?€?re in need of a fun, flirty, and affordable outfit, ASOS is one of the first places we turn to. The Vamazing - Live amazing! e-commerce site has built a strong??following thanks to their trendy clothing and accessories, plus-size selection that doesn?€?t compromise style and, of course, super fast and free shipping. Even though??we?€?ve perused the beautycategory […]

  • Style
    Shoes inspire hilarious, bored employee to imagine the lives of shoppers

    We?€?ve all seen something while shopping that made us think, ?€?Who on earth would buy that?!?€? Well, one bored store employee is attempting to answer that very question about the shoes that??surround him (or her). A user who goes by the name of Ghostify started an Imgur thread earlier this week titled ?€?If the shoe […]

  • Style
    Dinosaur-obsessed woman gets the bridal shower of her dreams

    Many of us went through a dinosaur-loving period in our childhood, easily encouraged when those seemingly mythical creatures are all over kids?€? clothing, furniture, books, and toys. One bride-to-be in Washington, D.C., never outgrew that phase of her life, and though grown-up Jurassic decor doesn?€?t come standard from typical wedding vendors, she just had the […]

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