• Celeb Style
    Michelle Obama flashes her abs and legs aboard a yacht in Spain

    In the White House, Michelle Obama?€?s style was polished and preppy. In the real world, it?€?s bold and sexy. The former first lady was photographed Friday boarding a yacht in Mallorca, Spain wearing a cropped, white camisole with a blue-and-white, bird-print wrap skirt. She was barefoot and carried a $60 Madewell straw tote. The day […]

  • Health
    Cosmetic surgery actually helps people quit smoking

    It?€?s no secret that it?€?s hard to quit smoking, and many people who want to break the habit struggle to do so. But new research has found there might be one surprising method that actually works: plastic surgery. The link seems random, but it?€?s not. Smokers who want to undergo plastic surgery are generally advised […]

  • Health
    Most melanomas come from brand-new moles

    You?€?re probably aware by now that you should have regular skin checks with your dermatologist to try to detect any abnormal-looking moles that could be a sign ofmelanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. And, given that you know your body best, you?€?re also probably aware??that you should be checking your skin yourself on […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    Why is ‘self-care’ suddenly so trendy?

    Self-care is the idea of pouring back into yourself what?€?s needed to be the best version of yourself. And now, more than ever before, it?€?s a term that has become wildly popular ?€Ħħ especially among millennials. While it?€?s definitely not a bad thing that people are more excited about nourishing their well-being, it?€?s also interesting […]

  • Celeb Style
    Danica Patrick flaunts her athletic figure in a bikini

    NASCAR star Danica Patrick lives at top speed, but this week, she?€?s taking a breather with a romantic vacation that?€?s giving everyone bikini goals. As evidenced by her beachy Instagram page, the 35-year-old athlete is currently yachting with her boyfriend of five years, driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and a group of friends. Their location is […]

  • Style
    January Jones continues to slay summer in a repeat one-piece

    Her name might be January, but her season is summer. January Jones proved she?€?s a summer icon wearing a slew of awesome swimsuits this season. Exhibit A: the $445 navy one-piece by Lisa Marie Fernandez with a rope drawstring belt and a plunging neckline that she wore to lounge by the pool yesterday. The suit […]

  • Health
    South Carolina Restricts Abortion By Going After The Doctors Who Perform Them

    Last week, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed an executive order thatstops South Carolina from giving state or local money to any doctor or group associated with providing abortions. In a statement from Governor McMaster’s office, it explained further that the order stopped state agencies from providing money, “whether via grant, contract, state-administered federal funds, […]

  • Celeb Style
    Vamazing - Live amazing!,news,gwen-stefani
    Why Gwen Stefani doesn’t follow trends: ‘I hate rules’

    No matter how cool something might be, Gwen Stefani will probably refuse to buy into??it. ?€?I hate trends. And when it comes to Vamazing - Live amazing!, I hate rules,?€? she tells Yahoo Style. So in regards to her look, the singer??has one motto: to go with whatever she is feeling at the time, regardless of if it?€?s […]

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