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    The Luxury Brands Shoppers Want Most Right Now

    Gucci has a 10 percent better sell-through rate than C??line on The Real Real. Luxury brands might not be so transparent when it comes to what is actually selling, but thanks to all the data coming out of the ever-burgeoning online resale market, shoppers today are able to learn what?€?s hot and what?€?s not. Today, […]

  • Beauty
    6 Under-Eye Concealers That Are Better Than YSL’s Touche Eclat

    And cheaper, too. When I began my search for the perfect under-eye concealer (something lightweight, seamless with my skin, and buildable enough to cover my often relentless dark circles), the $42 Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat seemed to be everyone’s first suggestion. The infamous 0.1 oz ?€?perfecting?€? pen has nearly 4,000 reviews, 100,000 ?€?loves,?€? and […]

  • Beauty
    This Face Mask Tricks Men By Hiding in Their Shaving Cream

    Organic Male?€?s shave mask works in as little time as it takes to get rid of your stubble. If Wes Anderson hasn?€?t done an entire movie at the Mohonk Mountain House spa, it?€?s probably because he can?€?t get a reservation. This ?€?Victorian Castle Resort?€? ?€¡± an 1870s-era, swank-but-rugged Teddy Roosevelt-esque 259-room palace ?€¡± sits on […]

  • Style
    This Weekend?€?s Best Online Sales

    What to buy right now. The Racked office is currently split into two groups: people who think summer is over, and people who don’t. Regardless of which category they fall into, everyone can shop their hearts out with this weekend’s sales. Fall merchandise has fallen into the mix with brands like indie favorite Loup offering […]

  • Beauty
    Dissolvable Pods May Be the Future of Beauty Product Packaging

    Like the ones laundry detergent comes in, but for shampoo and conditioner. Packaging for beauty and personal-care products can run the gamut from genius (cushion compacts) to terrible (this leaky toothpaste tube). Dissolvable pods, which you probably know as those things that laundry detergent comes in, might very well be the next big thing in […]

  • Beauty
    The Best Beauty Products for Your Hangover

    What to reach for in the morning ?€¡± or whenever you make it out of bed. The scene: It?€?s 8 a.m., and your alarm didn?€?t go off. That?€?s because you forgot to set it the night before ?€¡± doh! ?€¡± because you went out and got a little drunk (or a lot drunk, no judgment) […]

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    The Best Summer Shorts in Every Style

    From denim cut-offs to high-waisted, work-appropriate options. Shopping for shorts, at least for me, is more of a chore than a pleasure. I’m someone who falls firmly into the camp of “pants people” rather than “shorts people.” More than a preference for keeping my legs covered, I think the shorts aversion comes more from the […]

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    Where Do Tiki Bartenders Buy All Their Tropical Shirts?

    Whether you’re looking to stock up yourself or just genuinely curious. Imagine walking into a bar where the drinks are garnished with fresh orchids and the wallpaper is awash in palm fronds; where bamboo and ceramic macaw mugs filled with rum transport you straight to a tropical paradise. Now imagine you?€?re behind the bar, where […]

  • Health
    The Ugly Side of PCOS

    How do we look at ourselves, silence the negative brain chatter, and see beauty? I have always felt larger and hairier than everyone in the room. A small patch of black hair grows on the lower left side of my neck, and thick, rogue strands sprout from new and surprising locations each day. Upon shaving […]

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