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    Bride scales 8 mountains in 8 days ?€Ħħ in wedding dress ?€Ħħ to raise awareness of her disease

    A pair of newlyweds??took a unique approach to their honeymoon recently, climbing eight mountains in as many days ?€Ħħ in their wedding outfits, no less ?€Ħħ to raise awareness around a??rare form of vasculitis, a blood vessel disorder, that afflicts the bride. ?€?I?€?m not into [mountain climbing]??usually but it seemed an ideal challenge, as I?€?ve […]

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    Long-Term Couples Share Microbe Colonies

    From Cosmopolitan Things generally get a little grosser when a long-term couple moves in with each other; all of a sudden, you’re sharing so little space with this one same person. And now the New York Times has reported on a study that claims that you actually totally are picking up your partner’s germs when […]

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    How to Figure Out If Someone Has Relationship Potential After Only One Date

    Today?€?s dating culture isn?€?t one of??immediate investment. With apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, and the League flooding the landscape, you can have dates round the clock if you?€?d like. Many daters, especially in big cities, set up multiple dates over the course of an evening: happy hour drink with one person, dinner around 7:30 or […]

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    Social Media Influencer Says Our Jealousy Is Really Just Fear

    Chinae Alexander is a Brooklyn-based wellness expert, who shares her life to a following of over 130,000 people online. On her namesake Instagram account, she?€?s known for what she calls ?€?badassery,?€? where she inspires people to think positively and actively pursue self-love and improvement. Through a series of posts with the hashtag #bebetter, Alexander consistently […]

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    Why It May Not Be Wise to Move for Love

    Some singles looking to pair up are taking drastic measures to boost their romantic odds and their self-esteem: moving to another state. According to a story titled ?€?I Left New York City So I Could Feel Hotter,?€? published by the New York Post, young single women (and some men) are fleeing Manhattan?€?s impossible physical standards […]

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    Your Biggest ?€?Blind Spot?€? Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

    You might be an awesome, exciting, self-actualizing, and self-aware human being. (In fact, I?€?ll bet you are!) But still, there are likely??facets of the world that you just can?€?t see clearly. Everyone tends to lean into their strengths, subconsciously rejecting simple realities that could help them to become more well-rounded people. Every Myers-Briggs personality type […]

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    Khlo?? Kardashian?€?s No. 1 Piece of Dating Advice She Gave BFF Malika Haqq

    Malika Haqq is famously known as??Khlo?? Kardashian?€?s best friend, as well as the previous fling of Rob Kardashian. But now she?€?s stepping into her own spotlight on??Famously Single. Things are already heating up on the second season of the E! reality show, and there?€?s no doubt that the celebrities are getting out of their comfort […]

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    Why Happy Couples Gain Weight Over Time

    If you can?€?t fit into the same pair of jeans you wore on your first date with your partner, there?€?s a legitimate reason why: Love makes you gain weight. A couple on Twitter recently illustrated this phenomenon with a series of photos featuring them at varying weights from the beginning of their relationship to present […]

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    Looking at Adorable Kitten and Puppy Photos Could Save a Stale Marriage

    Is there any way to stay in love with a person forever? This question is older than marriageitself. We?€?re not just talking about that biochemical spark that inevitably changes into something steadier; we?€?re talking about genuinely liking your partner for the long run. A new study may have stumbled upon a surprising method to increasing […]

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