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    Why is ‘self-care’ suddenly so trendy?

    Self-care is the idea of pouring back into yourself what?€?s needed to be the best version of yourself. And now, more than ever before, it?€?s a term that has become wildly popular ?€¡± especially among millennials. While it?€?s definitely not a bad thing that people are more excited about nourishing their well-being, it?€?s also interesting […]

  • Beauty
    6 Tips to Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready for Summer

    Summer is right around the corner, which means it?€?s time to officially break out cute dresses, breezy shorts, and open-toe shoes. But if the thought of squeezing your dry??feet with chippednail polish into a pair of sandals terrifies you, no need to fret. We?€?ve got you covered on how to take care of that. After […]

  • Health
    Millennials Are Obsessed With Self-Care, Thanks to the Internet

    Millennials are recognized by their predecessors as the generation attached to their screens. And while this may be true and often criticized, a new study shows that there are positive??outcomes from this behavior. According to research done by ERIC??Institute of Education Sciences, there is in fact a link between the increased self-care of Americans ages […]

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