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    The Only Real Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

    Getting rid of stretch marks may seem like a daunting, never-ending story. In some ways, it can be. As much as we hate to be the ones to break it to you,?there‘―s no surefire way to erase them.?But there‘―s no?need to lose hope. The good news is there are a number of real ways that […]

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    This is why you should wash your face twice

    Double-cleansing may seem to??require a lot of time you probably can?€?t afford to tack on to your skin care routine. However, board-certified??dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD,??claims that the trendy face-washing technique is surprisingly quick and simple. ?€?It provides a very deep clean, but does so in a very gentle way, preserving the skin?€?s barrier and even […]

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    Is This Purple Japanese Superfruit the Secret to Glowing Skin?

    Yahoo Beauty??would like to introduce you to??The New-New, a column by Beauty Director??Dana Oliver??on the latest products, tools, and treatments on which??she?€?d happily spend her hard-earned money. The??label??for Tatcha?€?s new Violet-C Radiance Mask reads like a list of anti-aging all-stars. With powerful additives, including water- and oil-soluble vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) from […]

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    Model Behati Prinsloo Doesn?€?t Care What You Think About Her Post-Baby Body

    It?€?s been a while since Behati Prinsloo has been in the limelight ?€‘± whether it be on the runway for Victoria?€?s Secret??or shooting a campaign with Juicy Couture. Since giving birth to her daughter, Dusty Rose, last September with husband and Maroon 5 frontman??Adam Levine, the 28-year-old Namibian model has taken some time off to […]

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    How I Got My Dry, Itchy Winter Legs Summer-Ready

    ?€?Mommy, why do you have so many boo-boos??€? asked my son, looking at me in a pair of shorts. Good question, kid. Good question. For as long as I can remember, my legs have been my Achilles?€? heel, come summertime. They?€?re so dry in the winter that the skin is flaky and itchy; no matter […]

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    How I Got Rid of Adult Cystic Acne That Popped Up Out of Nowhere

    I had the good fortune of sailing through high school with only the occasional breakout ?€‘± nothing that a dab of over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide couldn?€?t fix in a couple of days. With my teens and 20s far behind me, I figured that any pimples I?€?d get would continue to be a once-in-a-while occurrence. I thought […]

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