• Beauty
    Future Sunscreen May Contain DNA ?€¡± and It Gets Better the Longer You Wear It

    Medical innovators have developed a coating made out of DNA that not only improves its ability to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light the longer it?€?s exposed to the sun?€?s rays but also keeps skin hydrated. ?€?Ultraviolet light can actually damage DNA, and that?€?s not good for the skin,?€? said??Guy German, assistant professor of […]

  • Health
    How to Wash Your Face at Night ?€¡± And Why You Need To

    As good as it feels to wash away the grime that builds up on your face throughout the day, we have to admit that sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt. Maybe you stayed up way past your normal bedtime to cram for a test or you’re already snuggled up in bed […]

  • Health
    Can Aloe Vera Help Clear Your Breakouts?

    When you get home from the beach and notice that your tan is actually a red and raw sunburn, the first thing you do is reach for the bottle of aloe vera you have stashed in your bathroom for instant pain relief. Since the plant works wonders for soothing pain and healing sunburns, it probably […]

  • Health
    How to Get Rid of Broken Capilary Veins on Your Face

    Broken capillary veins are those thin, spidery, ribbon-like lines that populate on the lower half of your face, such as around your nose, cheeks, and mouth. While covering them up so that your complexion looks truly even is a temporary solution, enlarged capillaries are so stubborn that even using makeup on them can be tough. […]

  • Beauty
    Why Your Skin Peels After a Sunburn

    By Sarah Kinonen. Photo by: Getty Images. You skimped on sunscreen. Then forgot to re-apply. Now, you have a sunburn that ?€¡± quite literally ?€¡± burns like no other, and your scorched skin more resembles the scaly, flaky mess shed from reptiles (ew) than its usual smooth, glowing disposition. But did you know that when […]

  • Health
    Here?€?s Why You Are a Mosquito Magnet

    Photo: David Sims. Without getting all Black Mirror on you, the truth of the matter is that in addition to late-afternoon barbecues, sunset sails, and early-morning plunges into pools, summer also calls for a dark bride: the mosquito. And while the insects are commonly known to be hyperactive around dawn and dusk, Jonathan Day, professor […]

  • Health
    Why You Should Apply Skin Care Within 3 Seconds of Washing Your Face

    By Elizabeth Denton. Photo by: Scott Kleinman/Getty Images. If you think Korean beauty products are everywhere these days, it’s because they are. With new products popping up in CVS and Target every other day, it’s easier than ever to pick up Korean skin-care, makeup, and all the sheet masks you could ever want. But it’s […]

  • Style
    Why More Men Are Wearing Makeup to Their Weddings

    By Macaela Mackenzie. Photo by: Getty Images. Wedding beauty is the stuff of obsession ?€¡± enough to build a whole industry upon the procedures and products women will get to look flawless for their big day. But beauty treatments aren?€?t just for the bride anymore; in 2017, men want in on the bridal beauty routine, […]

  • Health
    You're Probably Washing Your Face Wrong?€¡±Here's How to Do It Right
    You’re Probably Washing Your Face Wrong?€¡±Here’s How to Do It Right

    By Sarah Kinonen. Photos: Getty Images. Let’s not gloss over it: Washing your face?€¡±twice a day?€¡±is like a chore we begrudgingly do solely for the reward. Consistently sudsing up can lead to super-clear and glow-y skin. But, according to Angela Jia Kim, founder of organic skin-care brand Savor Beauty{: rel=nofollow} and its eponymous east coast […]

  • Beauty
    4 Dermatologist-Approved Ways to Purge Winter From Every Last Pore

    By Jenna Rennert. Photo: Irving Penn. Temperatures are expected to climb into the low 50s in parts of the Northeast next week, and the promise of sunny days this early in winter is almost too good to be true. But before swapping out ankle boots for those new khaki suede flats, consider a similarly ritualistic […]

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