• Style
    Julianne Hough Wears Her Birthday Suit on Her Birthday

    Julianne Hough is celebrating her first birthday as a married woman, and to ring in her 29th year on earth, she stripped down to her birthday suit on a beautiful beach next to her new husband, NHL player Brooks Laich. The couple said their ?€?I do?€?s?€? on July 8 in Idaho, where Hough used to […]

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    Newscasters All Over the Country Love This $20 Dress

    If it seems that??you?€?re seeing newscasters across the country wearing the samedress, you?€?re not imagining things. On July 16, Frances Wang, an anchor with ABC10 in Sacramento, Calif., decided to have a little fun by tweeting out a chart ?€¡± created by ABC10 production assistant Stephen Leonardi ?€¡± showing women newscasters all over the country […]

  • Beauty
    Why This Social Media Star Stopped Posting Bikini Pics

    Social media star and certified personal trainer Sophie Gray keeps it real. So when the 22-year-old Edmonton, Canada, native stumbled across a reshared Instagramphoto of herself wearing a sports bra and showing off her toned abs with the caption, ?€?Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels,?€? she decided to speak up. ?€?Actually from experience […]

  • Celeb Style
    Kristin Cavallari Gets Called Out for ?€?Body Shaming?€? Herself

    Kristin Cavallari??took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off a pair of shoes from her collection with Nordstrom. The photo featured her new Lash Split Shaft Booties, which was meant to be the focus of the shot, but when she made a witty comment about her ?€?crazy arm,?€? it??unfortunately drew all of the attention away. […]

  • What's Hot
    We Tried That Crazy Lipstick All Your Facebook Friends Are Selling

    I was standing in a crowded bathroom in Montauk reapplying my red lipstick when my friend from Texas slinked up next to me. ?€?Have you heard of this new lip topcoat they?€?re selling down South??€? she purred in her thick accent, describing it like some sketchy new drug circulating an underground club scene. ?€?Apparently, it […]

  • Health
    Instagrammer Makes the Most Relatable Memes for People with Depression

    When it comes to depression and anxiety, it?€?s not only??panic attacks and crying jags. There are also many aspects of a person?€?s life that are affected by mental health disorders, including personal hygiene. Instagram user??Grace??is shedding light on those things while still addressing the bigger picture of what life is like with depression and anxiety, […]

  • Health
    Millennials Are Obsessed With Self-Care, Thanks to the Internet

    Millennials are recognized by their predecessors as the generation attached to their screens. And while this may be true and often criticized, a new study shows that there are positive??outcomes from this behavior. According to research done by ERIC??Institute of Education Sciences, there is in fact a link between the increased self-care of Americans ages […]

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