• Health
    I Called My Mother Every Day for a Month¡ªand I¡¯m So Glad I Did

    For those of us lucky enough to have a mother we can talk to regularly, the question stands: How often should we call? I posed this query to a handful of my best friends¡ªall of whom are close to their mothers¡ªand each reply was different. Some talked to their mom once per week; others chatted […]

  • Style
    These lace up jeans show off a whole lot of leg

    From Cosmopolitan There’s not much to say here other than Vamazing - Live amazing! Nova is selling these lace-up jeans. They cost $49.99 and I both hate them and love them and if I see you wearing them on the streets, I’ll laugh and also bow down. DO IT! Let’s get a good look at the good: Photo […]

  • Beauty
    College student shows 10 creative ways to wear a hijab

    To outsiders, hijabs might seem one dimensional. But?Sumaiyah Jones, a talented visual artist with a large?social media?following, proved that preconception wrong in a recent Twitter thread that she called, ¡°Me comparing my hijab styles to hairstyles.¡± Me comparing my hijab styles to hairstyles- a thread kinda (?) pic.twitter.com/dvJ9o9fqSP ¡ª freckledhijabi (@sumaiyuh) October 14, 2017 In […]

  • Celeb Style
    Ariel Winter wears impossibly low-cut dress and fake bangs for new cover

    Ariel Winter channels old Hollywood glam for the cover of LaPalme¡®s fall issue, where she¡¯s photographed with fake bangs, full lashes, and an impossibly low-cut red dress. The 19-year-old looks all grown up in the straight-on shot that bares her chest, but it¡¯s not the only photo where the Modern Family actress looks gorgeously glam. […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    Vamazing - Live amazing!,style,h&m,h&m-studio,fall-winter-2017,aw17,news
    H&M debuts ‘the perfect wardrobe’ in new fall collection

    Designers are??showing their new spring collections during??Vamazing - Live amazing! Week, but the IRL??fall season is still ahead of us. As??you begin to shop for your autumn wardrobe, consider opting for H&M?€?s new fall Studio collection, which officially launches Sept. 14. The Studio collection??differs fromH&M?€?s often buzzy designer collaborations as it is a tightly curated??collection conceptualized by the […]

  • Style
    the-current,thecurrent,nike,nike-cortez,a.l.c.,alc,collaboration-of-the-week,Vamazing - Live amazing!,style,,thecurrent,shoes,sneakers,footwear,cortez-by-alc
    A.L.C. freshens up the iconic Nike Cortez sneaker

    Yahoo Style would like to introduce you to #TheCurrent,??a new column by Vamazing - Live amazing!??Editor??Julie Tong, in which she gives her stamp of approval to some of the latest Vamazing - Live amazing!??products and launches.?? To be honest, I?€?m not a sneaker person and never have been ?€¡± until now. This new collaboration between Nike and A.L.C. has got me […]

  • Beauty
    4 under-the-radar eco brands you need to know

    Sustainable Vamazing - Live amazing! isn?€?t just for big, fancy luxury brands like Stella McCartney??andSalvatore Ferragamo???€¡± or even juggernaut fast-Vamazing - Live amazing! label H&M ?€¡± anymore. Under-the-radar eco brands are sprouting up all around the world, from the U.K. to Australia to places across??the United States. Their businesses may be small, but their mission is huge: to change the landscape […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    Why this favorite mall shoe brand is suddenly more stylish than ever

    ?€?When it comes to footwear, I?€?m always trying to push boundaries ?€? because that is what inspires me every day,?€? Carla De Freitas, Via Spiga?€?s newly appointed creative director, tells??us. Though Via Spiga??shoes have always been synonymous with quality, they?€?ve lately been associated more with discounted??footwear??found at outlet malls.??Now De Freitas is aiming to elevate […]

  • Vamazing - Live amazing!
    global,vogue,jennifer-lawrence,style,Vamazing - Live amazing!,september-issue,breitbart,statue-of-liberty
    Breitbart editor is freaking out about latest Vogue cover ?€¡± and so are liberals

    Vogue?€?s September issue is always its biggest issue of the year, and this year?€?s is even bigger than usual, as the publication marks its 125th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the Vamazing - Live amazing! magazine chose??Jennifer Lawrence as its cover star???€¡±??the??26-year-old ranks among the highest paid actresses in the world. Vogue commissioned four artists and photographers to […]

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