• Beauty
    Why this woman had a post-breakup makeover ¡ª when she wasn’t even dating someone to begin with

    At this point, most people have heard of a post-breakup makeover ¡ª otherwise known as a ¡°breakover¡± ¡ª which consists of a person changing up their look after getting out of a serious relationship. Katy Perry, Jenna Dewan, and?Christina El Moussa?have all dramatically changed their hairstyles post-split. But now, YouTube personality Gabbie Hanna is taking […]

  • Style
    4 Ways To Dress For Wedding Season, According To Instagram

    Wedding season is now in full swing, which means weeping at your best friend’s first dance and posing with questionable props in makeshift photo booths. It also means you’ve got (many, many) outfits to plan. Of course, inspiration can always be found on Instagram. From stylists to editors, the Vamazing - Live amazing! crowd knows how to work […]

  • Celeb Style
    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Makes Appearance After Confirming Pregnancy

    From ELLE Pippa Middleton spoke yesterday evening in London to honor Winter Paralympic athletes at Guidehall, making her first appearance since confirming her pregnancy last week. Middleton is a patron of the charity Disability Snowsport UK and helped launch the Ski2Paralympics Challenge last year, so this was a continuation of her work. Jan Hutchinson, program […]

  • Style
    New Puma Defy Sneaker
    Selena Gomez Helps Unveil the New Puma Defy Sneaker

    Selena Gomez is back at it with Puma to help introduce another new sneaker this summer, the Defy. Adored by millions of fans across the globe, the singer, actress, and social media powerhouse is one of Puma¡¯s biggest ambassadors, and she brings her value to the brand once again to promote the latest stylish women¡¯s […]

  • Style
    Starbucks Says Anyone Can Now Sit In Its Cafes — Even Without Buying Anything

    Starbucks announced a new policy of inclusivity on Saturday that will permit anyone to sit in its cafes or use the stores¡¯ restrooms, regardless of whether they¡¯ve bought anything,?The Associated Press?reported. The move comes weeks after one of the coffee chain¡¯s stores in Philadelphia incited outrage for calling the police on two black men?who had […]

  • Style
    Meghan Markle's Wedding Hairstylist Tells All
    Meghan Markle’s Wedding Hairstylist Tells All

    From Harper’s BAZAAR Celebrity hairstylist Serge Normant was the man Meghan Markle called on to style her hair for the royal wedding (he often works with Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts). “I am still pinching myself this morning. It’s just one of those moments you dream of,” Normant told reporters at Kensington Palace yesterday […]

  • Style
    20-year-old dress saves this teen's prom after Hurricane Harvey
    20-year-old dress saves this teen’s prom after Hurricane Harvey

    Tracy Maness never thought her prom dress would get a second use, but it seems she was happy to be proven wrong. And her story goes to show that sometimes, your old prom dress can come in handy. Maness explained to ABC 13 that she left her red prom dress at her father¡¯s house after […]

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